Loves & Likes

Well, this is life for me!

I love God, and I love people. I like getting to know one’s story and hearing of all of the things they’ve walked through in this life. I like looking at old photographs, especially from the 70’s (they make me giggle). I like reading true stories and finding out new things about people. I like being outside, especially in the morning. I like watching the sunsets, even the sunrises. I like being close to the water, even though I live on a farm. I like autumn and the pumpkin spice lattes that accompany the season. I like peanut butter, especially with apples, or chocolate, whatever works. I love to laugh, sometimes I laugh when there isn’t any reason too. I like to sing and would love to learn how to play a musical instrument at some point and time. I love listening to music, especially worship music. I like long car rides, only if there’s an exciting destination to follow. I like to travel and hope to have more opportunities to travel in the future. I love to dance, even though I’m not coordinated by any means. I like to draw, I even won a logo contest in grade six! I like to clean, like deep clean the entire house. I like to take care of people, especially when they’re feeling unwell. I like to give people all that I have to offer because sometimes that’s all I can do when I don’t have enough money or resources. I like to give people to benefit of the doubt because God does this for me momentarily. I like to bake cookies, especially chocolate chip. I like to study, weird but I do. The list could go on forever and ever, so let me ask you: What do you love/like?