A story of Hope-Cassie’s Story

Dear Reader,

I hope you had a very special Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your loved ones. Although another Christmas has come and gone, there’s still a reason to celebrate the Light and Hope of the world, which is why I would like to share another story of hope with you tonight.

This story is one of both redemption and grace. It is a story written by God, but it includes one of my dear friends, Cassie Wolfe. Cassie and I met back when we were both in high-school. I was in the midst of doing a ‘victory lap’ and she was in her senior year. Both Cassie and I have struggled with an eating disorder in some form and can relate to the life-damaging effects an eating disorder has on a human being. Also, we’ve both experienced the mental battle and the physical effects that the bondage of an eating disorder can have.

Although our stories differ in many ways, they somehow intertwine with one another because of what Christ has done. He has used Cassie’s story to bring glory to His name, and also brought her into my life when I was in the midst of struggling to encourage and pray for one another.

To read Cassie’s full story, please click on the link below which will bring you to Cassie’s blog titled “Cassie Complied.”



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