A story of Hope-Shauna’s Story

Good morning everyone! It is day 2 of the “12 days of Hope” blog series, and boy am I excited to read some of your testimony’s or words of encouragement.

As I’ve seen in both Jeremy’s and Shauna’s life, there is hope for the ones that call on His name.

Our next story of hope is written by a beautiful, compassionate and dedicated woman named Shauna. Shauna and I became friends back in 2016 when both of us started in the practical nursing program. It was through our mutual friend Sarah that introduced us to each other one day during one of our classes. Since then, Shauna has become a sister-in the Lord and has helped me along my own journey of faith.

Shauna is an experienced Personal Support Worker but is working towards becoming a nurse. She loves Jesus, her fiance Tom and the color aquamarine. Her testimony speaks to those who are struggling to believe that God truly has their best interests at heart-which may include a future spouse. If you’re like me, who also has this similar struggle, I encourage you to read more about Shauna’s testimony of God’s faithfulness.

When I was in my early to mid teens, I was encouraged to pray for my husband.

Yes, I know that sounds silly because I was too young to be married. In reality though, if you are with someone, you should ask yourself if you see them as your spouse. I was encouraged to pray about what qualities I wanted in my spouse. My number one thing that I wanted my future husband to have was a relationship with the Lord and to love Him first.

Secondly, I wanted to have the same values as my future spouse. For example, no sex before marriage. I also wanted to make sure that he respected me and loved me for me.

Though I tried to remember to pray for my husband daily, my need for wanting to be loved by someone filled my mind instead of trusting God. When I was 18 and 19 years old, I fell for this guy online. As a teenager, I thought I knew everything. My Grammy, pastor, and dad all asked me if I really knew him?

I personally was offended that nobody trusted my judgment in me. Then after nine months, he said something that made me a question, “Do I really know this guy?” Turns out he didn’t respect my values and that night our virtual relationship ended.

I am so glad I never met him to actually date him. When I told my Grammy she let out a ginormous sigh of relief and said she didn’t sleep properly the whole time I was in the relationship. Grammy told me that the pastor was crying for me because of my poor choice. I was so self-absorbed that I didn’t see that I was hurting anyone else.

My life continued on still praying for my husband, but I always had doubt, fear and ginormous amounts of insecurities at all times. Doubt that a guy could love me. Fear that I would get hurt. My insecurities clogged my mind the most. I never thought I was beautiful. I never thought a guy would look at me cause I am a “bigger” woman. I honestly figured there was something wrong with me because it was always the “other girl.” Every time I saw a girl a few years younger than me getting engaged, I would cringe inside because I am this 27-year-old who never dated before-yet I would try to be happy for them.

When I was 27 turning 28 I said to God, “Ok, I give up. No guy really wants me.” At the end of August, I had added a guy on Facebook thinking I might have known him through his mutual friends. When he added me back I realized I didn’t know him.

In September, I started a new chapter in my life by going back to school for nursing. I had perched myself a regular seat outside the library when I was not in class. I met many many new people who were not in my nursing class. I got to be known for the girl who sits outside the library.

This guy I met online kept in touch quite often, but I never saw anything because I didn’t want another virtual relationship. Even though he was what I was looking for. Then he asked me to meet him in November of 2016. I said no for a couple of reasons. One, I was scared cause I didn’t know this guy. Two, I was suffering from a cold…I am so glad that didn’t stop our chatting! He asked me to meet him again in the new year. I said no, but this time was because I had a few projects due that I had barely started (he teases me that it was an excuse). However,  I am so glad he continued talking to me.

A month later I was so head over heels for this guy but was really afraid that I blew my chances with him. I prayed right then and there that if this guy asks me to meet him one more time, I’ll say yes. God must have wanted this because the next day, he asked me to meet him. I said YES!

A month after we met, Tom asked my dad to date me. As we were getting to know more about each other we found out that we were praying for each other as a future spouse. A year and five months later from the day we started dating, this man who fought to meet me asked me to marry him. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. God used my time of waiting, trials, and prayer to bring me to the man that I had been praying for.

There is always hope when you place your trust in God! His timing is perfect.


Shauna and her fiance Tom.


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