A story of Hope-Jeremy’s Story

A couple of months ago, my mom heard a radio advertisement on Faith F.M about an upcoming book signing at Gospel Lighthouse in Kitchener, ON. She called me and told me there was an author named Jeremy Woodley signing his new book called “Jeremy, Jesus, and the Beatles.” A few days later, I was at Lawson’s Christian Book and Health Food Store arranging my first book signing and saw copies of Jeremy’s book sitting by the cashier. Little did I know that Jeremy was actually a local author from Owen Sound-the city where I attended college for 2.5 years.

Jeremy is an author, personal support worker of his own company and a dear friend of mine. Please welcome Jeremy to the blog!

I was born & raised in Brantford, to 2 loving parents. My dad from
Brantford, my mom from Six Nations. This is where my native heritage comes from. My Dad found Jesus, and stopped the drinking and fighting and partying. My mom, while she believed, wanted to continue with the worldly life. This led to their break up. Still, things were okay, till my stepdad come in the picture. This is where the dysfunction, substance abuse, and abuse started.

During the 1990s, this where my alcoholism started. I was 14, offered
a beer, liked it. From then on, I never turned it down. The more often I
drank, the more I liked it, the more often I drank, the more I could consume. 1993, I experimented with acid, 1994, marijuana. From then on,
I was a drunk and pothead up until June of 2000. I was a high school drop out but then went back to earn my grade 12.

Being the oldest, I had to babysit my siblings a lot. It seemed to me,
I raised myself. And was a kid, looking after kids, I was held back. I
struggled to hold a job, and friends would come & go. My parents would eventually lose the kids to CAS. Spring of 2000, I hit a bottom I needed to hit to scare me, and to wanna change my life.

I left Brantford, June 21, 2000, and have been sober ever since. When I
left my hometown, I spent 2 weeks in Hamilton Men’s Detox, before arriving at Owen Sound to the G&B House. I’ve lived here since. August
2001, moved into my apartment, and still currently in the same apartment. After a few years of going to 12 step fellowship meetings,
and reconciling with, y family, my dad in particular, and other “odd coincidences” and events, I started going to Church. I did believe from afar, thanks to my Sunday school roots. But I knew deep down, ‘someone”
had to be looking out for me.

After being sober for over 4 years at the time, going to Church, AA,
and taking Alpha, and a morning chat with my Dad on Friday, December 17,
2004, I went to visit my grandparent’s tombstone, they had a huge hand in raising me. I simply said without rehearsing it or knowing I would say
it; “help me be closer to God & Jesus.” A few minutes later, after being invited to the Church for a coffee, I was Saved. The Pastor led me to the Lord, and he had no idea I even said it outside!!

Everything then made sense. The way the day was unfolding, my life, I
could just it, that The Lord was pursuing me. For many years, I was an usher and served in children’s ministries, young adults. I currently own
a Care Services business, where I look after seniors and special needs individuals in their own homes.

November 26/2016, I lost my Mom to addiction. She was killed by fentanyl. The loss of her and Tom Petty-inspired me quicker to write a
book. My life autobiography of how I overcome substance abuse issues,
the obstacles my way, burnout & depression, the impact of music, faith,
hope in my life. How I remain sober through all of it. My book, Jeremy,
Jesus, And The Beatles now available through me, or Amazon, Kindle,
Chapters, Christian bookstores, ebooks, iBooks, Word Alive Press. My email is jerwood@wightman.ca, I’m on facebook, twitter. The Lord and my
Mom is watching out for me. God has a much bigger plan than our past.
God Bless

Jeremy Woodley

You can also watch Jeremy’s 100 Huntley Street Interview on Youtube


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