Staying Connected

I faintly recall the events that lead up to the day I was saved. I remember struggling a lot in the way that I viewed myself, and the rest of the world. After struggling with an eating disorder, I remember reaching an “all-time low”, which caused me to feel as though as I lost everything.

My joy, hope, and purpose in life began to slowly fade away as I continued to live my life out of selfish ambition and human pride. I wrestled with the idea of making a lasting change because truthfully, I didn’t want to give up what was killing me on the inside. Finally, I came to a crossroad where I needed to make a choice, a choice that would change the entire course of my life.

As I sat down in my pastor’s living room, he explained to me the purpose of why Jesus came to earth and paid the price of our sins. I didn’t realize that the sin in my life would ultimately lead to my own death, but as I looked further into my life and the all the choices I had made, I could see how destructive they had become.

In John 14 verse 6, Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” 

When Jesus makes the claim about being “the way, the truth, and the life”, most people find it hard to grasp. For so long, humans have lived their lives on autopilot-doing things the way they think are the right way. However, this contradicts the meaning of truth because if everything was right, we wouldn’t have the need for truth.

There is no assortment of strategies or formulas to living a peaceable life with God, other than through His Son Jesus Christ. We simply cannot live a changed life without first being in a relationship with Jesus, because He is the true source of life itself (John 15:1).

Jesus describes being in a relationship with Him as though He is the vine, and we are the branches. He is our source of life, and when we allow sin to enter into our lives we lose connection with Him. I once heard my pastor say, “sin always separates”, and it is true. In order for us to abide in Him and lead a productive life for Him, we need to stay connected to Him.

With all that being said, it’s not always easy staying connected to the Lord in our own strength. As humans, we can easily become distracted, and sometimes even blindsided by certain events that take place in our lives. So often, we forget that we need Jesus desires for us to include Him in every single area of our lives, not just on Sunday morning or when we “feel” like it.

Thankfully, when we accept Jesus, He promises us another Helper. The Helper is the Holy Spirit, which guides us and leads us into following Him in all of life’s circumstances. It’s not as if we are stuck searching for Jesus when we accept Him, but rather His Spirit comes to dwell within us. We can actually walk in rhythm, or in tune, with Him instead of always feeling like we’re stuck “searching” for Him.

On Sunday evening I had a posted a short reflection on my facebook page about how the Holy Spirit is our helper. Here’s what I had written:

This morning during the worship service, one of my favourite hymns “Great is Thy Faithfulness” came on and I started getting very emotional. As I tried to force back some of my tears, I was instantly reminded of God’s faithfulness over the years, especially as of late. His love and protection, and His constant provision is what has sustained me and helped me conquer some of the most real, most intense inner battles. I know I’m not the only one who faces daily struggles, but I am thankful to have a constant Helper on my side to lead me through the fiery trials of life.

As I’ve been spending more time reading God’s Word and learning more about His character, I’ve become more aware of the fact that I need Jesus at all times. I need to stay in constant connection with Him because when I don’t, I begin to stumble.


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