The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

My eyes couldn’t believe what they saw when all they could see was the following words.

“Dear Sara, we regret to inform you but you did not pass your registration exam.”

Wait for a second, is this for real? Someone pinch me, please!

As time froze, my lips began to quiver. My eyes started filling with tears. I had already been utterly exhausting myself with worrying and fearing about the future, but this really put the icing on the cake. I felt as though I had failed at everything I was taught over the last 2.5 years of being in school. I felt as though I failed everyone who had been praying for me, and cheering me on to pass and move on with the next chapter of my life. I felt as though I had failed God.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Choosing to trust in the Lord while going through something you never intended to happen or hoped for can be challenging, but it’s extremely wise. When we start to trust that our way is better than His, that’s when we fall into a horrible trap that can ultimately lead to sin.

I began to think my test results were a mistake, that I should have passed considering the amount of time and effort I put into studying. I began to doubt that God was actually in control of my circumstances.

But I think that’s just it. I think that’s where we learn to trust in Him the most. I think that’s where our faith is brought to the surface and we can see where our faith truly stands. If we are never faced with something “bigger than ourselves”, or a specific need, we really wouldn’t have a need for faith.

Faith without being put into practice is meaningless. We must exercise our faith in times of distress or heartache. We must choose to stand on the promises of God instead of tucking them away for a rainy day. If we want to live in victory, we must choose to trust Him in at all times, including the most unexpected circumstances.

If we want to live in victory,  we must choose to trust Him in at all times, including the most unexpected circumstances.

Unfortunately, I chose to give into my circumstances instead of resting in my Saviour. How foolish of me! How unwise I to think that I could handle the situation better without consulting first consulting my best Friend, my Helper, my Master, and my Saviour. This was not just a learning lesson for myself, but it was also an opportunity to examine my heart and mind.

What do I think about the most?

What do I dwell on the most?

Who do I lean on the most, when life gets hard, or when life is great?

If it’s anyone or anything besides the Lord I think we’ve got a problem. You see, we can’t always rely on things or people to make us happy. Because what happens when those things are gone? What happens when those situations change? People and things and situations will be ever-changing. Nothing lasts forever. But Jesus, He lasts forever. He is eternal. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.





  1. Just remember all of the crap and garbage in life. The it’s not fair must be a mistake. It’s the building of your foundation. The more you trust and believe and allow the full plan to unfold. The deeper your foundation will be the stronger your structure purpose and tribulations will be. Everything will come in time and when he says it’s your time. Believe and it shall be. Be pairient young grasshopper.

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  2. All in God’s timing is where we live our lives. He knows it all, and He writes our story! As we live life we realize just being a believer doesn’t mean everything comes in one nice neat package with a pretty bow. No, life is hard and the knocks come uninvited, and they come out of no where. That’s where our sincere faith kicks in and because of our faith we can stand firm and know again that the disappointment is HIS appointment and tomorrow is another day where He will lead and direct our steps as He writes another chapter in the journey. Blessings Sara!


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