Life can be an epic journey when we choose to walk with Jesus. In the matter of a split second, our lives can change when we decide to say “yes” to God’s plan, and choose to walk with Him on a daily basis. I never knew how much one decision could impact the course of my life, but here I am, three years later in total awe of what God has done since I accepted Jesus as my Saviour.

For starters, God brought me into a new land. What I mean by that is, He carried me into a new town with new people, and blessed my family with a farm we’ve been praying for. Although I miss the town I grew up in from time to time, I know that God has us here for many reasons.

Second, He’s placed so many incredible people in my life. Most of the people I’ve met over the last couple of years have either been at church or school, but each of them have made an extraordinary impact on my life-especially those who have a strong faith and have helped me grow in my own. I’m eternally grateful each one of these people who have prayed for me in the midst of some of the fiery trials I’ve faced.

Third, He’s brought me out of some really dark situations by testing my faith and settling me. Even though I could have opted out of my relationship with Jesus, He provided me with enough grace and strength in order for me to trust Him and keep holding on. I think one of the biggest temptations during a difficult season is to give up on God and trust in ourselves, but that is so far from what He desires.

What Has God been up to in your life that you can give praises to Him about? I’d love to hear from you!

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