Worth the wait

Is there an area of your life where all you seem to be doing is waiting? Maybe it’s waiting on certain phone-call or email, a special someone, or perhaps an opportunity that you’re praying about. Whatever the case may be, may I encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on the One who cares the most about you.

Jesus-the One who paid for our sins with His own blood cares more about you and your heart more than you could ever know. He says “My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.” He knows our every need, and every weakness. So whoever you are, if you’re waiting on something from the Lord, just know that He is at work and wants to bless you at the right place and at the right time.

I once read a blog written by Helen Elizabeth. She said something that really stuck out to me as I wallowed away in my waiting misery. She said, “Sometimes waiting periods are worse than the storm. They drive us crazy because we can’t see the future ahead of us. But God’s Word tells us He is there in the waiting period. He is working on our behalf.” She continues to say, “So whatever waiting period you’re in, wait on God. Have faith in Who He is and what He promises He will do.”

How hard is it for us human beings to “wait on God.” As if it is so simple when in reality it requires a huge amount of dependency, strength, and patience from the Lord. He will help us in that season of waiting, but we must ask for His guiding hand to lead us through that blurry season. It may be a battle with temptation, but if you wait and have faith in God’s promises, you will not be disappointed. Sometimes, the Lord makes us wait because whatever it is we are waiting for strengthens our faith and can be used as a testimony of His goodness. We can tell others, “Even though it was a long wait, it was so worth it. God is so faithful!”

If you’re really struggling in a waiting period, ask people to pray for you. We can’t meet our needs on our own, we need others to help strengthen and encourage us. We need to trust that God has placed certain people in our lives to give us an extra boost of encouraging hope, someone who isn’t afraid of falling on their knees and praying for our specific needs.

Right now, in my current season of waiting, I have realized that the best thing to do is to grow deeper in my relationship with God. After all, isn’t that the beauty of waiting? As we wait, we become more and more dependant on our Heavenly Father to do things we can’t do or show us things we can’t see. He gives us the hope we need to keep holding on, to keep trusting Him and keep walking on the right path. He will make our paths straight, and we need to trust that with every area of our lives.

Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!

Psalm 27:14

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