Even the flower withers away

It was just the other day, I was holding in my hands a beautiful flower which I could not seem to put down. It was just so pretty, so fragile, so perfect. 

I took a photo of myself holding the flower, and shared it with friends and family.


“I found the prettiest flower and can’t seem to put it down” was the comment I had posted.

Just over a week later, those flowers had withered away and died. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The flowers didn’t last long, and they weren’t meant too. They were only temporary.

Isn’t this a prime example of our own human existence? We are like the flowers. First, we are non-existent. Next, we bloom. Once we bloom, we start to grow and eventually we begin to wither away after serving our purpose here on earth. The only difference between us and the flowers is that we have been given a beautiful gift called salvation. 

Salvation is a gift from God, and can only be obtained by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s an attitude of the heart, which only human beings can experience. True salvation, however, requires faith. 

This is why God decided that faith would be the attitude we must have in order to be saved from our sins. If Salvation were to be obtained by the works we do, we wouldn’t need faith. But God doesn’t force us to believe in His Son Jesus Christ, He wants us to make a choice as to whether we believe He is our Saviour. Because of this, God deserves to be glorified, and He can be once we place our trust in Him to redeem us from all sin.

God raised Christ from the dead. God declared Christ’s redemptive power and approves of all those who believe in Him. This is our hope. 

Just like the flower, we will one day wither away and die. But praise be to God, we have a Saviour who died for us, so that we may live forever-when we place our faith and trust in Him. 

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