More than enough

If you read 1 Corinthians 14:33, it says “For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.”

What does this mean, especially to the women who suffer from eating disorders around the world?

It means that women around the world have been given false information about who they are. They have been betrayed and lied to by the father of all lies, who says “you’re not good enough.” 

People who have a false perception of who they are can fall into a terrible trap which leads to self-destruction. I was one of those people who believed I was “less than” and therefore, I treated myself as if I didn’t matter much to God or to anyone else. I was under the impression that I wasn’t pretty enough, out-going enough, smart enough, you name it, I thought I wasn’t enough. 

However, over the last few years, I’ve considered this to be true about myself: I am enough because He is enough. 

Here are 10 things that have helped me grow in my faith, and recognize that He is enough:

  1. Pray like a little child- Prayer works and is the most powerful weapon against the enemy’s lies.
  2. Ask-Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking helps me to find out the answers to so many of my questions. Seeking godly counsel is what enabled me to understand more about why I was having certain thoughts and where those thoughts were coming from.
  3. Repent-Asking for forgiveness and turning away from sin is what enables me to have a strong and intimate relationship with the Lord
  4. Allow patience to strengthen your ability to trust the Lord-Don’t allow your circumstances to change the way you view God or yourself. Instead, ask the Lord what He is trying to reveal to you in every situation.
  5. Cling to what is good-Making a conscious effort to make good choices pleases the Lord.
  6. Read- Scripture is God’s way of communicating with us, and we ought to read what it has to say in order to grow more in our faith.
  7. Listen-Giving our full attention to the Lord helps us to become better listeners to others and less prone to talking so much. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason, remember that!
  8. Take pictures-Take photos of sunrises and sunsets, it will change your life. You will be amazed and in awe of the Lord’s majestic, awesome creation.
  9. Laugh- Smile at the trial because, at the end of the day, the Lord has already won the battle.
  10. Thank Him- Giving thanks is one of the easiest ways to stay joyful because when we are thankful for what we have, we are content and at peace with our lives.

I consider myself a warrior. A warrior who prays and seeks the Lord in everything she does. A warrior that perseveres, not in my own strength or will, but through the patience and suffering, I’ve endured. I’ve fought long and hard through a joy-sucking eating disorder but came out stronger and joyful than ever. The only way I was able to overcome the disorder was by the Lord’s unfailing love and grace He supplied to me on a daily basis.

When I asked the Lord to come into my heart and change me, He did. When I asked the Lord to forgive me for the sins I committed, He did. When I asked the Lord to heal me from the issues I was having with my health, He did.

Praising the Lord this morning because He is more than enough. 



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