Life’s Roadmap

You blink, and it’s over.

We think we can control it, we think we have it all figured out.

Our plans can change, we don’t want them too, but it’s possible.

We can work ourselves dry and still, see no reward.

Our actions can bless, or they can curse.

Each action has a consequence.

We can try our best, but we can fail.

Our words don’t mean anything, or so we think.

Why do we live in fear? Why do we live fearlessly?

What’s better, being hot or cold?

Can we live in a luke-warm state?

Why is there such thing as good and evil?

Should we ignore the possibilities that lie behind our choices?

Could there be more to just “choosing the right thing”?

We spend our lives wondering of all the possibilities to our questions, and yet somehow it is all too simple.

It is all laid out in front of us.

The One thing that brings us life is staring at us right in the face.

Some can see it with their eyes closed, some can’t see with their eyes opened. 

There is only One source.

There can only be one final answer.

With many answers, we are confused.

We know we found our answer when we experience a joy that can’t be shaken.

We see our answer looking at us and we say “Hey, how did You end up finding me?”

Our answer to our questions knew all along that we needed understanding.

So our answer provided us with a map.

A map that describes everything we need to know about everything we need to know.

A personal guide to where our life takes us, and a Reference as to where to find it.

It’s all too simple! There’s only One way!

One way that leads to life.

One way that leads to freedom.

One way that leads to everlasting, abundant, peaceful, and fruitful life!

Jesus is our map. 

He says “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

There is no other way.

Many have tried it, but it never seems to work.

I’ve decided to lay down my map with all the different ways of how to find life.

I’ve completed my search.

The way I’ve decided to go is the way my Shepard leads his lost sheep, through the narrow gate.

Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Will you lay down your map?

Are you willing to follow the map Jesus lays in front of you?








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