Farm Livin’

For many years, our family prayed about having a farm someday. We didn’t know when that was going to happen, or what it would look like, all we knew is that God planted a seed in our hearts about farming and that we should pray about owning our own farm property.

God answered prayer in such perfect timing. We knew this was the farm we had been praying for as we drove up the laneway and saw the cozy little log cabin that had been awaiting us for many years.

We moved in over the summer of 2017, and survived some very chilly and icy winter months. Thankfully, we had an abundant supply of wood to heat this little home using the wood-stove. I still don’t know how to use that thing, but I’ll get there someday. Maybe next winter (yikes).

So maybe your wondering what we plan to do with this farm, or what we currently use it for now. In all honesty, this a farm with tons of potential, however, we are unsure of what God wants us to do with it as of right now. Without a barn, we don’t have much options in terms of animals because in order to have cattle of any sort we would need a barn. Also, we still need the go-ahead from our township that says we can put up a barn, so as of right now, things are still up in the air.

Does this farm have potential?

Absolutely. Without a doubt, I don’t believe that God would just say “here you go, here’s the farm you prayed for” without any sort of potential that will enable us to bless other people with. He blessed us with giving us this farm, now it’s our turn to do the same. Our first option would be to raise chickens for meat. There is a whole process that goes along with raising chickens for meat, and that will definitely require us to have a barn. Once we build a front-porch, we would really like to build a barn.

With the size of land that we have, we wouldn’t have enough land to raise cattle. We would need more space to keep them out to pasture, but we are prayerfully seeking out potential opportunities that will allow us to have beef cattle in the future.

What happened to the old barn?

The old barn was torn down many years ago, mainly due to it’s deteriorating structure. We have seen pictures of the old barn, and it looked pretty rough. We understand why the previous owner’s decided to take it down.

This is where the old barn used to sit.

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This is what the house looks like. We plan to put a wrap around porch come Spring/Summer time. On the outside, it looks like the previous owner’s had put board and batten up to cover the logs, but on the inside you can still see the logs and it brings out the home’s character.

Nothing fancy, just a quiet & cozy little home to hang our hats and sit down to a home-cooked meal. 


Each morning, it is normally my duty to go and collect the eggs. We usually get about ten eggs per day around 8 or 9 a.m. It depends on the weather, sometimes when it’s really cold out the chickens won’t lay until 11 a.m.


This summer, if I’m not studying for my big nursing exam in the fall or working at the hospital, I’ll be spending time outside mowing the grass (an 8-hour job on a riding lawn mower), or gardening. I am so excited to learn how to garden, and I will make sure to wear lot’s of sunscreen and a gardening hat to protect myself from the scorching hot sun!

The garden with lot’s of potential. Free tomatoes anyone?

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I think the best part about living on a farm is the fact that it’s away from all the hustle & bustle that life seems to throw at us. Of course, I do miss living closer to friends and family when I used to live in the city, but at the same time I am so blessed to take part in this new experience of farm-living. There is no greater feeling than to know you are stepping into the Lord’s will when He answers the prayers you’ve been asking Him for years. As I continue to grow closer to the Lord, I am beginning to desire what He desires for me, which is an incredible life-long journey.

The best part about living here is the glorious sunsets each night. My mom is a sunset-fanatic and always runs out to see it whether she’s in her night gown or not, she is out there snapping photos of the latest sunset. She is just in awe of God’s creation.

Here are some pictures from the other day of the sunset. Enjoy!

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