I’m no mathematician, but over the past two years I’ve come to realize that this simple, yet powerful formula brings transformation to one’s life.


If you were to ask me two years ago, “Why are you attending school so far away?” I would have said “I’m not sure, but I do know that God has called me to go.”

I had no idea why God was placing me at a College that was two and half hours away from home. I didn’t know anybody, I was own my own, and I didn’t have my own vehicle to get around.

All I had, which was all I needed, was the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit leading me into the place He was calling me.

So there I was, off to an unfamiliar city with no road map to life or fortune cookie telling what to expect.

Of course, neither of these things would be able be able to predict what my future was, but the only Person who could was the Lord.

So I did what He tells me to do everyday, Trust Him.

For the first month of living away from home, I rented a room in the basement of a home just minutes from my school. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal living there, it was only a 5-minute walk from my school so carrying heavy books wouldn’t be too much of an issue. There were two other’s renting a room, both were males, and I didn’t meet either of them until one day I saw one sitting in the recreation room by himself watching t.v.

I introduced myself to him, “Hi there, I’m a student at the College renting a room here.” He looked at me, probably thought I was twelve years old or something, and asked “What’s your name kid?” I told him it was Sara, and he said his name was Eric.

Eric was renting a room because he was working far from home, and needed a place to stay during the week. He treated me like I was his own daughter, as he has five children of his own. He offered to take me to the grocery store, would ask if I needed a ride to school in the morning, and always seemed to show a genuine concern for my well-being.

One day, Eric told me he found a new place he was going to rent a room from, and told me he would ask the landlord if they had an extra room for me. I was thrilled at this idea, because I truly wasn’t happy with where I was.

To make a long story short, Eric and I both jumped ship to a new place to rent. We both enjoyed our time at this new place because our landlords were so kind, open, and easy to talk to. They made us feel like we were just at home, and I liked that.

My journey didn’t end there. I was still meeting so many wonderful people, and had no idea I would become so accustomed to living in a city that seemed so far away from friends and family.

I started to meet new friends at school, at church, and in the community. For a while, I was helping out with the youth group at the church on Friday night’s, where I met the youth pastor and his wife who are two very special people who love the Lord. I also met a lot of other’s at the church, some were in their early teens, while others were a bit older.

To rewind a bit, I met a lady named Cheryl at the first church I ever visited while being away from home. The church had Thursday night bible study which I was interested in attending, so I went one Thursday and met Cheryl, her husband, and two young kids. Cheryl asked me where I was from, and said she often goes that way so giving me a ride wouldn’t be a problem. I was so blessed to have met Cheryl and her family, she has often driven me home last year and has had me over to her house for supper on several occasions.

Aside from meeting wonderful people, I had the opportunity to become more familiar with the city’s trails and waterfalls. There are so many different trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls and so, I had to find out what was out there! I would adventure on my bike to different spots, one of my favourites is Inglis Falls.

Not to mention, my family now lives on a farm just an hour away from the school which makes it a whole lot easier to drive there and back. In December, my grandma had a stroke and can no longer drive, so I now take her van to and from school.

So now when I think of people asking me “Why are you attending school so far away?” I say:

Because God placed me here for a purpose. He has proven Himself to be faithful by placing all of these people in my life, and has moved my family to a farm close by. He provided, He comforted, He allowed me to walk through some troubling times in order to gain a better sense of who He is. 

If this isn’t enough evidence of how the Lord orchestrates our lives so perfectly, I don’t know what is. I truly believe it with all my heart, that God has an ultimate plan for each of our lives, but we must chose to trust Him first. 


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