Imessage, or The Message?

Studies have shown that Generation Y, also known as the millennial’s, are most likely to check their social media accounts before they get out of bed each morning.

This doesn’t surprise me, but sometime’s I often wonder what if there was no such thing as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

How would millennial survive? How would they get their ‘daily dose’ of gratification without seeing somebody ‘like’ their post?

Being a millennial child, I’ve spent countless hours on the web looking at ‘selfies’ of my friends and family, and of myself.

When I used to have an Instagram account, the majority of pictures taken were of me. And still, if you were to look at my Facebook, there would be a lot of ‘selfies’ posted.

What I’ve come to realize throughout my Christian walk is that my faith cannot, and should not lie in my outer appearance.

For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. 1 Timothy 4:8

Having a mind set where healthy body=healthy mind isn’t always applicable. Sometimes, we end up in situations where we physically cannot do the same things we once could do.


I’m afraid that as our generation ages, we will come to a point of pure sorrow and hopelessness because of all the years we have wasted on our outer appearance, just to end up looking more old and frail, and eventually pass away.

Praise the Lord, when we place our faith in Him to redeem us, we don’t have to place our faith in things that don’t matter.

We have a choice to place our faith in Jesus Christ, the only person that can give us hope for our future.


Whenever I want to see an accurate representation who I am, I look into the Word of God to see if my actions are lining up with what He says. Never mind what the mirror on the wall tells me, I want to know what the bible says-the Truth of what truly matters.

A wonderful man once said to me, “The Bible, do you know what it stands for?” I was clueless until he said “Basic Instructions Before Leave Earth”. I thought that was to neat!

Rather than looking in the mirror, or the reverse camera on your phone, try looking at yourself through God’s eyes. You may be pleasantly surprised, or terribly frightened at what you see, but I guarantee you that you won’t ever regret knowing the Truth about who you really are.







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