A Life Worth “Loving”

I swiped my phone up to view a shocking, yet peaceful message from my mom last Wednesday.

“Billy graham, aged 99, has died.”

At first, I felt that initial “shock” most people feel when they hear of someone’s death. But then, I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and comfort knowing that Billy was in heaven; reunited with God, and his beloved wife, Ruth. Although I didn’t know the man personally, he has made a huge impact on our world, including myself.

It was just about this time last year, where I started becoming more familiar with Billy Graham’s life, and picked up a book called “Just As I am”, a biography written by Billy.

I was enlightened at the fact that Billy grew up on a farm, and lived a pretty normal life prior to his salvation.

He grew up on a dairy farm milking cows everyday, and at the age of sixteen, he made the decision to commit his life to Christ.

Since that day, everything had changed for Billy Graham. His life was about to take on a totally different course, all due to the fact that he placed his trust in Jesus.

Now as I read through Billy’s life, and begin to see how one small decision can make an insanely huge difference on others, I begin to see why God chose you and me to be his witnesses.

  1. He chose us because He loves us, but He also wants us to share the Gospel with others. And He said to them,

    Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Mathew 16:15. 

    In some cases, sharing the gospel with others can be tough, especially if those who hear it aren’t willing to accept Jesus. However, it’s our responsibility as Christians to share the Gospel where ever we go, whether it be through words or actions. The Gospel isn’t about us, no matter how much we would like it to be. It’s about giving God the glory, for dying for our sin. It can’t be watered down or sifted. It has to reflect exactly what the bible says, or else it truly has no significance or power. 

  2. Our choices or actions, can create a “ripple effect”on others (Inspired by a message by my former pastor Tim Harden). Just think about it for a second. If Billy Graham chose not to put His faith in God, then none of the “Billy Graham Crusades” would have happened, and thousands upon thousands of people during each crusade wouldn’t have been saved-or at least heard his sermons. And what about the person who shared the Gospel with Billy? What if they didn’t put their faith in God? Because of each person’s obedience to following Christ, they were able to create a domino effect on others, by sharing the good news with them.
  3. When we chose to follow Christ, we either do it with all we have, or not at all. One of Billy’s books titled “Hope For The Troubled Heart”, Billy Graham says:

It is never said in Scripture that we can have “Christ and . . .”; it is always “Christ or . . .” Christ or Caesar, Christ or the world, Christ or Antichrist. What is your “or”? -Billy Graham

This quote from his book really challenged me when I read it, because I begin to question whether or not I’m living for Christ alone, or for the world. There isn’t the option of having both.

Billy Graham was a true reflection of what a Godly-man ought to look like. I feel blessed to have been able to read about him, and watch some of his black and white sermons, because each of them share the most important message of all: Asking God for forgiveness, and asking Him into our hearts.

As I reflect upon Billy’s life, I ask myself this very important question:”Do I know Christ as my Lord and Saviour?”

The answer is yes.

And because of that, I am filled with joy and peace that cannot be found in any other person, or thing, only Jesus Christ. 1200px-Billy_Graham_bw_photo,_April_11,_1966

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