Miracles in the Making

Miracles are all around us.

I was always under the impression that a miracle is something major that happens to someone, when all the odds are against them.

Someone beats cancer. A miracle.

Someone who suffers life-threatening injuries from an accident survives and is able to function. A miracle.

But what if we started to see miracles as something minor, wouldn’t there be an endless amount of miracles happening each day?

Offering to take a co-worker’s shift in order to help them out. A miracle.

Visiting an elderly person who often deals with feelings of loneliness or sadness. A miracle.


Miracles are the goodness of God. When we see someone showing compassion, faithfulness, forgiveness, and mercifulness, we see Our creator’s miraculous work being done.

Last Sunday, I was sitting in the church pew when my mom handed me a card with my name on it.

When I opened it, the words on the card read:


Use this gift to treat yourself. I have been praying for you. You are a very special lady…remember that when times get rough. God loves you!

Inserted was a fifty-dollar bill, with no mention of who the card was from.

I was shocked at this very generous, yet totally unexpected, act of kindness. I honestly didn’t know why I deserved to receive such a large amount of money, as I have been so blessed over the Christmas holiday’s by family and friends.

But it had me thinking, isn’t this such a good representation of Jesus’ love for us?

We could think of all the possible reasons of why we don’t deserve His love, but that doesn’t stop Him from showing it through “little miracles”

I can think of tons of miracles that have happened over my lifetime. One of them being at age 16, when I was very ill, weighing just 99 pounds and just “five minutes from running myself into a heart attack” is what the nurse had said. My friend from school had gone out of her way to speak to her guidance counsellor and shared her concerns about me. It wasn’t long after that I was sitting in that guidance office, pouring out my heart about how I didn’t want to “be like this” for the rest of my life. The guidance counsellor saw my pain, and did everything they could to find resources for me. They were able to get me into a clinic that specializes in eating disorders and I was put on a three-month waiting list.

It was difficult to see in the moment how that was all God working behind the scenes, but it’s very clear now to see that He was orchestrating the right people in my life to direct me to where I am now. Healthy, smiling again, and no longer chained to exercising 24/7.

It’s been a journey, a tough one too. But I’m thankful that God was able to use me in this life in order to share my story with others.

And who knows, maybe this blog could be a miracle to someone else whose reading.





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  1. Sara, you are so blessed to be in the arms of God. That in itself is a miracle. Breathing, walking, talking and smiling are all miracles. We are so blessed to have all these things. This past Sunday I received an envelope with which I thought was just a Christmas card from the ladies from church, but I open it and there is a $20.00 in it. I felt so blessed and undeserving of that. On Christmas Eve I got a card from a family that goes to Tom’s church and their youngest daughter had made me a bracelet and put it in the card. Again I felt so blessed, but also felt bad because I didn’t get her anything. Life is a miracle Sara, I am blessed to have you in my life!


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