The Power of Encouragement

When I was in the sixth grade, my school had a logo designing contest to use for our athletic wear. In order to participate in the contest, you had to be in grades 6,7, & 8, and of course-a fairly good drawer.

As a sixth grader, I didn’t think I had a chance at winning the contest. My friends were encouraging me to submit a drawing, but I truly didn’t think I was artistic enough.

I did love to draw, and I was passionate about school and using creativity. I went home one day, and searched up google images for “bulldogs”. I wanted the logo to be “Blessed Kateri Bulldogs”.

I found an image of a bulldog that I could re-create into something new. I spent most of time at home working on this logo, and would often accompany one of my friends while they were in charge or answering the secretary’s phone during lunch, their lunch, I would sit with them and draw. My classmate had drawn a baseball cap to add to the bulldog.

After submitting the logo into the contest, I was pretty nervous to see if I would win. I was really hoping to win, as it would be such an accomplishment for me, especially in grade six!

I found out a week later I had won the contest, and my logo was put onto a custom made jersey for myself and my classmate. We represented this jersey like it was the best team in all the major leagues. The logo was printed on t-shirts, gym shorts, draw string bags, hats, and more. Student’s had to purchase athletic wear for gym class, so it was really neat to see the entire school wearing what I had put so much time and effort into drawing.

If it were not for the friend’s who had encouraged me to enter into this contest, I wouldn’t have been able to share such a monumental experience with my family and friends. My school principal, and teachers were congratulating me and would say how talented I was at drawing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 6.40.01 PM
The logo!

I had never taken drawing lessons, but the fact that I had encouragement, I was able to put my faith into winning the contest.

It’s so important to have encourager’s in our lives. Sometimes it’s easy to take someone’s compliment, word of encouragement, or “like” on a post for granted because we may not believe what they say or, just don’t think twice about their words.

I’ve learned that through winning that logo contest, and many other times where I have been encouraged to try something new, that encouraging words are powerful.

The same can be true for discouraging words as well, however, it’s always a wise choice to use the discouragement to our advantage.

We need the discouragement sometimes, in order to evaluate where we’re at in terms of our walk with the Lord.

I’ve been fooled with the lie that I’m not good at  fill in the blank, but, I carry on and persevere because I know that someone may be encouraged by my words or actions-to the extent that hopefully they would like to pursue a relationship with Christ too.





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