The Orchestrator

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for the last couple of days, but I felt God saying “Wait, there’s something else I’d like you to share”, and I wanted to trust that His timing to share would be far better than mine.

The last week has been an emotional rollercoaster for my entire family. With the passing of my dearest Poppy last Sunday, my dad’s side of the family has been left with a heavy heart. He had dementia for 13-years, and it was getting worse over time. Fortunately, I’m blessed to have been able to meet him and spend time with him as a child. I still have fond memories of him singing to me, and showing me around places in Newfoundland.


This past weekend also had it’s fair share of unforeseen events. My grandma, which I used to live with over the last year, had a mild-stroke on Friday night. It was unexpected to say the least, and my family and I were presently at our church’s Christmas banquet when it had happened.

During the dinner, Ben received a phone call from his mom but decided not to answer it at the table. She had called a second time, so he thought he best leave the table to answer her call.

When he came back, he suspected there might be something wrong with her because she had stopped talking.

We left the dinner, and on our way my grandma’s Pastor had called us and said she had a stroke. They called the ambulance as soon as possible, and she was taken into the emergency department fairly quickly.

She was brought to the emergency, where she was assessed and had some CT scans done. She was some-what responsive, but without speech.

My family and I stayed at the hospital until almost 1 a.m., and my Aunt and our Pastor had come to support my grandma. Our pastor prayed for us in the middle of the emergency room.

Over the weekend, our thoughts were filled with “what if’s” and “how is she doing now?”

Ben persistently kept saying “I just want her to be able to talk.” And so, that was our prayer. We wanted her to be able to talk again, because there’s nothing worse than being able to hear someone say the words “I love you” and not being able to say them back.

We had called most of our friends and family to let them know what was happening, and to ask for prayer. It’s not up to us to determine what the outcome is, but we can definitely pray that the outcome will be what the Lord wills it to be.

On Saturday, we had gone to visit her in the hospital and my Aunt had been with her the whole time. She looked irritated, and kept moving her left leg and foot. I eventually placed my hand on her foot, and she smirked. There were moments where it looked like she just wanted say something, but couldn’t get the words out. We left the hospital that day feeling hopeful, because she was already making little progress.

For in this hope we were saved; but hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he can already see? Romans 8:24

On Sunday, we had found out that she had said the word “yes” and “no” once. She was almost able to say Ben’s name yesterday, and today she was able to say a few more words!

We can’t help but praise God for all He’s been doing in her life, and in ours. There is no doubt He answers prayer. We’re extremely thankful for the amount of people praying, and showing their love each and every day.

I also want to mention that through all of this, I am utterly amazed at how God orchestrates the events that happen in our lives. If Ben had not of answered the second phone-call, how would we have known she had a stroke? It truly had me thinking over the weekend at how the Lord works out all the specific details of our lives.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18







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