Confessions of a College Student: What the strike has taught me

IMG_2058Thank you Cassie for the newest addition to my sign collection, you’re a beautiful friend of mine. 

It’s been thirty days since I’ve been in school, and to be quite honest with you, I’ve learned so much from being at home.

I can’t say I’ve cracked open any textbooks, or reviewed any sort of school-related material, but I have developed a new interest in ’round the house work such as: cleaning the kitchen counter tops, washing the windows, vacuuming the floor, making dinner for my family, and trying out different recipes from my mother’s massive cookbook collection.

I’ve learned that even though my college education is being put on pause, my ability to learn and to grow doesn’t have to. In fact, I’ve learned tons of new things about cooking that I’ve never considered before. Like, did you know that it takes a whole day for frozen ground beef to thaw out in the sink in order to make tacos or homemade chilli? That’s a whole day of preparation I never even thought about when my mom makes dinner for us. Not to mention the fact that bacon grease actually adds a TON of great flavour to homemade potato soup. Mind=blown when I learned that.

I’ve also learned about trial and error when it comes to baking. For example, I attempted to make a chocolate cream pie the other week. It looked appetizing from the outside, but when you tasted it, it reminded me of corn pops. I realized that I had used corn meal, rather than corn starch…oopsies. Anyways, it was a humbling reminder to myself that sometimes following recipe directions is useful when baking something like pie!

Aside from pretending to be a house wife, which is a lot of work!!…I’ve also been reading a really awesome book called Love That Lasts by Jeffery & Alyssa Bethke. This married Christian couple talks about a wide range of issues in today’s generation when it comes to love. They bring up the fact that our culture tends to have a warped idea of love, which leaves many of us ‘love sick’, sexually addicted, or divorce ridden. They combine their personal stories with biblical truths, and show others that Jesus is the answer to our deepest longings.

Another part from the book that really stuck out to me was that social media can sometimes be a replacement for true intimacy. It’s easy to write someone a quick  “Hi, miss you, love you, hope you’re doing well, hope to see you soon”. And while those statements are all true, there is a barrier for intimacy when we don’t take the time to pick up the phone and call, or go see a friend we haven’t seen in a long time.

I don’t know about you but, I love spending time with people and making great memories vs. messaging back and forth, in hopes that I’ll see them again. And I know that it can be hard to see people these days, especially when you don’t live close by or people have busy schedules, but think about the next time you message someone on Facebook  or text and ask yourself, would this conversation be more meaningful to have over a phone-call instead?

There’s a little bit of what I’ve learned in the last four weeks, I hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to hear what you’ve been up to this past month too!



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