When you least expect it, God will show up

This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it Psalm 118:24

On Satuday, my family and I spent the morning and afternoon doing some ’round the house work outside. We spent the latter portion of the day fixing the roof of the shop, when my mom suggested we listen to some music. Jamming out to some Easton Corbin, we were just about finished outside and ready to have supper. We decided to go out for something to eat, so we hopped in the truck and drove to town. Without even realizing that we had left my mom’s phone on the edge of the truck, we cruised along the highway with not a care in the world…besides our food!

Later that evening, my mom had mentioned that she couldn’t find her work phone. She often misplaces it around the house, as do I , but finds it in a matter of minutes. She wasn’t too worried about finding it because she knew it would be around the house somewhere.

On Sunday after church, my mom still was without her phone. We had searched the house, around the house, and up and down the lane way for atleast five hours or more. After retracing her steps multiple times, we still couldn’t figure out where this phone could be.

Our wisest and only option at this point was to pray.

Two days had past, still no phone. My mom was coming to the realization that she would need to ask her work for a new one. It was upsetting because she had a library full of photos and videos stored on her phone that are irreplacable.

Today we went to the local thrift store to drop off some boxes of donation items. We put all of the boxes in the back of the truck and covered them with a tarp to protect them from the heavy rain.  As we pulled out of the lane way, the tarp had blown completely over the windsheild so we quickly took it off. We continued on our way, but then a bag flew from one of the boxes onto the road. We quickly pulled off to the side of the road, and my mom got out of the truck to retreive the bag. As she was walking up to get the bag, she looked down, and at her feet was her phone!

“Praise God!!!” She shouted. We all did!

There was this unexplainable joy we all had when my mom said those words. We knew that it was God who had led us up to that moment, if it were not for the bag flying out of the truck, we wouldn’t have stopped to pull over in that exact spot on the road to find her phone laying there.

Yes, her phone was a little shattered, but amazingly it works after laying on the side of a highway for two days. It survived two nights of heavy down pour, and who knows what else!

So what is the moral of the story here? Well, for starters…do not leave anything on the side of your truck before pulling off onto the road. Also, if you do carry a phone, make sure you buy one of those holster things to keep your phone on you at all times. I am the last person to be giving this type of advice because I had lost multiple phones over my life time…but anywho that’s besides the point. The point is, God is good. So good, and He listens when you ask Him for advice. We didn’t know where else to look, we had no clue that the phone would be sitting on the side of the road. But this morning I had asked God to guide us in the right direction of where this phone might be. The phone isn’t our God, but God is our God and He shows us how much He cares and listens to us when we ask.

P.s. Mom, if you’re reading this…


You’re welcome. Xoxoxoxo!

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