Am I worshiping God?

About three weeks ago, I had posted on Facebook that I was taking time off social media to grow in my faith and find out who I am in Christ. I did this because I truly felt that I was missing something that God was trying to show me for a long time, but I was too caught up in the world around me making it hard to focus in on what God had to say.

So I gave it about a week until finally I logged back in, to find a message from a family member that showed a little video clip of someone kneeling down at their bedside, praying and thanking God for their many blessings that they have.

It occurred to me that maybe this was what God was trying to show me, all along. To be thankful for every single blessing He has given me.

It was during the depths of my eating disorder where I truly couldn’t see the “good things” in life, besides having a perfect body frame. I thank God, and praise Him that throughout reading the bible, I’ve found several verses that state how our temporal body means very little compared to the glorious one we receive in heaven.

God has given me a new perspective since being here in OS for school, because every day I have been waking up with a heart fixed on Him, where as when I was back at home I was constantly worrying about having to work out and eat perfectly. This was because I wasn’t worshipping Him, I was worshipping people who in my mind had “perfect bodies”.

I know that God has placed me here for a reason. To find Him, to know His love for me.

I now know that my true self-worth is my faith in Jesus Christ. If my faith is placed in anything else besides Him, I’m seeking self-worth from the wrong sources.

In Romans 14:23, it says “But whoever has doubts is condemned if he eats, because the eating is not from faith. For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.”

From now on, I can ask myself this question “Is what I am doing for God, or someone/something else?”

I believe that God created us to chose Him, and when we do we will be blessed.

I pray that as we continue on in our daily lives, we will ask ourselves if what we’re doing is for the Lord or not, and if it isn’t, to ask for strength/wisdom/knowledge to turn away from what is capturing our attention and getting our eyes fixed back on the One true God, who has given us everlasting life.







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