This One’s for you Mom <3

So today is a very special day…


Because it’s MY MOMMA’S BIRTHDAY ❤

This woman, she is truly amazing.

Ever since my crib days, my mom has sang songs to me. From “You are my sunshine” to Luke Bryan’s latest song on the radio. She always finds the latest country song on her Spotify, and it usually is an emotional song that makes her cry. She plays it for me and tells me to listen to the words, “This reminds me of you” as she weeps. She’s so cute!

Also, my mom and I has been gracious enough to share her bed with me for the majority of my life. My twin sized bed was solid as a rock, and would be so uncomfortable to sleep on sometimes. I would just crawl into my mom’s bed before hopping into my own, and we both claimed our “sides” of the bed. But, if I took her pillow…I’d get in BIG trouble! 😉

We also like sharing the same interest in television shows. Although I don’t watch much t.v anymore, I will watch the odd episode of The Goldbergs or Blackish which my mom will tape on the PVR for us to watch when I’m home. “Sara, I taped a new episode of Blackish, you have to watch it!” She also loves watching the shopping channel. She actively watches it, and by that I mean she watches it and normally ends up ordering something off of “Today’s Show Stopper.” We must have at least 100 show stoppers in our home or in the car.

But I think the one thing that stands out most about my mom is that, the love she has for other people never runs dry. She is always going out of her way to help someone, even a total stranger. She is always on a mission to fix something, or find something. She gives her time, and puts in all her efforts to make ends meet. I love this quality about her because I don’t know what I would have done without her helping me throughout all of the years.

She is also very forgiving. I have made many mistakes over the years but she was always willing to forgive. There would be mornings or nights that we’d argue, but then came the I’m sorry’s, I love you’s, and the let’s put this behind us and move on. I would make her really upset sometimes, but she always always always loved me through it.

Mother, thank you for raising me up to be a kind and caring woman like you. You tell me me not to strive to be like you because you know how sensitive I am when comparing myself to other’s, but sometimes I can’t help but look to you as a role model because you are always content, in a cheerful mood, and I love being around you.

Thank you for being a great momma, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. ❤ xoxo



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