Ending on a good note

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.Romans 12:21


A wise man said to me, “Sara, its not the food that is the issue, it’s the negative condentation behind it.” 

I’ve heard this phrase many times throughout my life, and to be quite honest with you, it never really “clicked” until today. Until something beautiful happened. 

I was out for a lovely stroll this morning. The sun was shining, the air was cool, the birds we’re having conversations with each other. I couldn’t help but smile, and sing of how the Lord is so good. 

Mid-way through the walk, I had read a message from one of my friends, who cares so deeply about my well-being. She said to me, that eating food is not the sin- it’s the idolatry when eating food. 

Wait, hold on a second.

Isn’t that basically the same idea as “Sara, its not the food that is the issue, it’s the negative condentation behind it.”

Man, this was something the Lord really opened my blind eyes to this morning. 

You see, all of this time I have been struggling with food, it is because I feel like I’ve eaten too much. What am I basing this belief of eating too much on? Comparing myself to what other people eat or what I think others are eating. 

God doesn’t look at what’s on my plate. He looks at what’s on my heart. If he sees that I’m eating something because I think someone else would have it, for example, eating a salad because that’s what a thin/healthy person would eat, then obviously something’s wrong with this motive. If I’m choosing a salad because it sounds appealing or delicious at the time-then what’s wrong with that? 

As long as what I’m choosing to eat is for God’s glory and not to become like someone else-then it is okay. 

You may be thinking to yourself that the only reason you eat healthy is to maintain a “body image” for yourself that appeases other people. I have been there. Too afraid to indulge on a piece of cake because I’ll end up becoming “fat”… That is a lie of itself because a piece of cake does not change you on the outside NOR does it change you on the inside. Your worth does not come from what you eat, it comes from what is in your heart. Jesus, He is love. 

This is especially hard when we live in a society where beauty comes from the outside. Who cares about the inner man when getting as many likes on my latest Instagram post is far more important right? 

Let’s consider scripture: For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

To wrap things up here, I just wanted to say thank you to those who have walked with me on this journey of finding my true identity in Christ. Still, with much more to learn, and grow I place my one and only hope in the truth. Jesus, You are my saviour ❤️

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