Have Your way with me

This week, what an incredible opportunity to get lost in God’s word and focus on What matters the most. Jesus.
It was just another week in the books, not literally, I really didn’t study at all, but praise God for a wonderful reading week. I spent the last 7 days with some incredible people, including friends and family members. And while some moments throughout the week were tougher than others, it was full of God moments-ones that I’ll never forget.
I would like to share with you some of the “God moments” I had, and how important they are to me and my incredible journey of faith.
My attitude at the start of the week was something like this: “This week, I am setting aside time to study. I will use any opportunity to practice for my upcoming practical tests, and will devote at least one day of the week for nothing else but studying.”  I wanted the week to go the way I had pictured it in my mind, while spending time with friends and family was important-I had “study” on the forefront of my mind.
But with each day passing, I began to recognize the importance of tuning into the spirit, listening to what God had to say about how my week was going to unfold.  It started off with some long-overdue conversations: a phone call with my aunt, a visit with a special friend, and another visit with my grandmother. In each of these shared times, I was able to recognize how God has placed each of these people in my life for various reasons. My aunt, who has always been a big support, shared with me some of the qualities she’s seen in me since I was a little. We had a heart-felt conversation about how the Lord has helped me get through tough situations, and how I chose not to give up. Her words of encouragement allowed me to realize how much God has helped me in the past. It’s easy to want to give up, but it’s when we realize we weren’t made to do life on our own, but with God, that’s when we know there’s hope for our lives. Pure joy my friends, is when you realize how much God has fought for you, gave His Son for you, so that we can enjoy our lives here on earth.


So much more has happened this week that has really changed my perspective on Who God is. A loving, merciful, tender, compassionate, trustworthy, providing, gracious, wonderful Father. One who allows me to live freely, without condemning myself in things that I approve of. One who knows my every thought, or concern and wants me to talk about it with Him because He cares so much, and wants to give me guidance on the subject. I’ve learned to fear God, not because He is harsh and judgemental, but instead the complete opposite.

I could go into details about the week, but I will summarize it in a few short sentences. While the week had it’s challenges, it expectedly had it’s victories too. I went around this week looking for the things to be thankful for, things to praise God about. I tried to listen to what the Holy Spirit was saying to me, about everything. I also prayed more than I normally do, and I was filled with so much joy when each prayer was answered-God listens to you when He knows what you need.



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