I believe in miracles. I believe that a miracle can be through the way we think. I believe that no matter how many times we’ve heard someone tell us something, it can only “stick” once we’ve accepted to believe in what we’re hearing as the truth. 

I don’t say this to confuse you, or to sound too complex, but I want you to start thinking about what you believe and what you accept when you hearing something being said to you, about you, or even about someone else.

For the majority of my life, I believed that I was fat.  I also believed that being “fat” was unacceptable, or undesirable to the human eye. Once I had accepted this as the truth, I became absolutely miserable with myself and the world around me unless I felt that I wasn’t “fat”, which occur periodically throughout the day.

Constantly comparing myself to others, for example, if I ate less than the person beside me or perhaps got more exercise that day.

Unfortunately , I can’t control what people say, think or feel. The problem thought isn’t about being in control of someone else’s way of thinking. It’s about choosing to accept their way of thinking as my own or choosing God’s way of thinking as my own.

For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.

Something God has been asking me lately is this, “What is your focus? Is it on Me, or is it on what your body looks like? Is it on Me, the one who loves you no matter what size or shape you are, or how other’s view you or think of you?” To be completely honest with myself, and with God, I know where my focus has been and it hasn’t been entirely on Him.

I understand that we all have those days where we just don’t feel our best. We may feel sluggish or not in the best physical shape. However, in the past I have accepted that I am fat, and lived in fear and condemnation whenever I engaged with food or wasn’t being physically active. It didn’t matter if I had eaten salad and grapes all day, or 3 full course meals. My thoughts would be “you shouldn’t have eaten that” or “you should eat this instead” or “just don’t eat today” or “eat as much as you want when no one’s watching” even when I wasn’t around food because that was where my focus was.

As a believer in Christ, I have the authority to chose to accept or deny the thoughts enter my mind. If the thoughts align with the Word of God, I can accept them as truth.

As a child of God, He says “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” He does not say “you are fat” nor is he concerned about what size, shape, weight, or height I am because He made me the way the was “I am” (in His image, He is the great I am).

As a daughter of Christ, there is no fear or condemantetion. There is no reason t feel ashamed of what I am, because in Him, I am everything He needs me to be. To accept the lie of being something I am not, is like calling a dog a fork. We know that a dog is a living creature with 4 legs, 2 eyes, and a tail. It is not a metal object used to eat food with, it is made for much more than a fork. Same goes with whatever someone says to you, if someone calls you stupid, we know that it’s not what God says about you and you’re worth much more than the label that says you’re not smart enough.

I believe that as sons and daughters of Christ, we need to step into our armour of protection against the lies that come at us. We know that enemy is always working away at trying to pull us away from God’s will, and like my pastor had said to me in the past “The enemy is like a lion with no teeth, he can roar at you but he can’t bite.” The devil can’t win, he’s already lost the battle we continuously try fighting day after day.

We need to conduct ourselves in a way that no matter what the enemy has to say to us or about us, we can find rest knowing that we are living in an inexpressible amount of love and grace that nothing we do is unacceptable in the Lord’s eyes. If our heart is turned toward God, we can find our peace and joy.

God know’s each of our struggles, and every little detail that comes with them. He knows what you’re thinking, the devil doesn’t. Therefore, we have the authority to control what we believe and what we don’t, because we have the mind of Christ. We can walk in confidence that Jesus, our almighty saviour, has redeemed us and paid for our sin. He has won the battle for His sake.

Let us not walk with a sluggish attitude, but instead with our eyes focused on Him which will gives us an attitude of humility, love kindness and truth to share with others.


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