Lay your head down, and don’t worry. He’s got it taken care of!

Last night, I was checking my student e-mails and I came across several e-mails from my professors saying that my clinical placement permit had been expired and I need to get it updated or else I cannot go to placement this semester. Knowing that I had placement the next morning, I had a mini-panic episode and began to ask my classmates if they received similar e-mails. They told me that I was to update my profile by January 1st, 2016 in order to be cleared for placement. I was 15 days late. I began to pray, and ask others to pray for me that I would be able to some how be allowed to attend clinical as it is important for my nursing program.

Then, I went to bed around 9.00 p.m to get enough rest for my first day back at placement, with full confidence that God would allow me to attend regardless of having an expired status. I was woken up from a deep sleep around 3:45 a.m,believing it was 6 or 7 a.m, just after having this significant dream:

I was standing in the kitchen with my landlords and my other house-mate, when all of the sudden a big, dark brown grizzly bear came out of no where and looked like he was ready to attack. I stood still as tree beside the kitchen counter, and I was standing right in a corner. All of my house-mates began to scream, they were running around, panicking with their arms up in the air. For some reason, I didn’t let this big bear scare me. I stood there quietly, waiting for it to flee from the kitchen. The bear ended up leaving our home and crossed the street and entered someone else’s home and tore apart their living room. It was horrific, but all of the sudden I woke up from this dream.

I had thought about this dream being one from the Lord Himself, saying to me that if I resist my enemies, if I resist the devil…he will flee.

So this morning, I woke up around 7:30 a.m, a little tired but ready to serve the Lord by having breakfast and doing some readings I had to catch up on for my health assessment class. I was thinking about this during the time I was awake during the night, “how am I going to have time to finish my readings this week if I have placement today, and classes all throughout the rest of the week?”

Then, during my reading time I decided I would e-mail my teacher to make sure I would be able to go to placement today. I started writing off the e-mail and finished it, and all of the sudden I heard a notification saying I received a new e-mail from her. It stated ” Clinical placement is cancelled today, stay home and be safe!

Praise the Lord! I didn’t have to go to placement after-all! Now, I will have time to get my clearance in order to go for the next week. Thank you Jesus, for listening to my prayers and for responding to this situation. There is nothing I need to fear, You conquered it already! Thank you for showing me this.

 1 Chronicles 22:13 says ” Then you will prosper; if you take care to fulfill the statues and judgements with which the Lord charged over Moses concerning Israel. Be strong and of good courage, do not fear not be dismayed” Hallelujah, Amen. 

When, and if we obey God and remember to be strong and courageous during all of what life throws at us, we can be confident of His blessings and care for us. Why? Because the Lord already knows that He has full responsibility for all of our needs when we come and obey Him, He’s got things taken care of. 

Have a blessed day, and if possible try staying off the roads as much as possible, it may be a whee bit slippery!

Sara ❤


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