Thank you Note

Write a thank you note for something for which you feel especially blessed

This one is a tough-y because I feel blessed for so much, and I hope you do as well. There are so many reasons why we should feel thankful. First, for the privilege to be in relationship with our amazing Father, and to be able to express our love for Him with other people.

Also, to be able to have such a wonderful family and friend circle. I seriously, cannot express in words how much I love these people. I can look back to when I was a little girl, and see all the friendships I have made over the years. I can see exactly where God had me at the time, in order to meet these people. He also allowed certain friendships to grow and prosper, and then they slowly faded away. Sometimes I find myself asking why I was friends with someone, if it was only for a short time, but God has a reason behind it all and theres no need for me to try and map it out.

I think the one thing I’ve been feeling especially blessed about lately, is that I’ve been going to college for two years now, and in those two years my parents have been extremely kind with helping me afford to be where I am. It’s not easy, for any student, to pay for their own tuition, and living expenses. It’s even harder when a student can’t afford to be working, because school is over whelming. I give thanks to the Lord, for blessing me with parents who are able to help me out at this time.

My mom and I go to the grocery store when ever I’m back in my hometown, and I often tell her how sorry I feel for spending all of her money on my food. I say” Mom, I wish I had a job so that I could be paying for this” and she says “Don’t worry honey, you don’t need to apologize. We understand that you’re focusing on school, it’s okay”. She is compassionate, and merciful toward me for choosing to be without a job. Those are some definite Jesus qualities right there. I love her, and the rest of my entire family so much.

So that’s what I feel especially blessed about. For having family, and friends who I love. For having parents who are able to financially support me during this season. To have a place to stay as I’m away from school, and the people that I live with make it all the more enjoyable.

Thank you God, You’re so wonderful ❤


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