Write a love letter to God

Dear God,

Thank you. Thank you for being wonderful, amazing, extraordinary, and powerful beyond measures. I could list a million reasons of who You are, but that’s for another day. Right now, I just want to say how much I love You, and why I do. You have been so good to me, ever since I was born. I didn’t realize how great You are until I reached a breaking point in my life, but I’m so glad that I was able to see you in the midst of it all. I remember lying in my bathroom tub, about 3 years ago, and thinking “God, what did I do to deserve all of this.” I was angry at You, because I thought what you were doing was cruel. But as the days went by, and I started to see things from a different point-of-view, I realized that it was Your way of saying “Sara, I’ve been with You ever since you breathed your first breathe, I’ve been with you ever since you were a little girl. I formed you, I blessed you, I have been with you this entire time but You never payed attention to me. I know it’s not Your fault, because You are only human, but I want you to see Me, so that I can be with you throughout all your troubles.” And God, You did just that. As the years went on and I became more and more frustrated with who I was becoming, You started to shine through and stop what I was becoming. I know that I was made in Your image, but often times I would forget that and think otherwise. I would beat myself up over eating a piece of pie, let alone, and sometimes it would be over a piece of fruit. There would be days and nights where I would cry, and cry, and cry.. because I felt guilty for eating when I thought I wasn’t  allowed to. You’ve said it repeatedly in your word to eat and enjoy, and in Ecclesiastes 9:7 it says “Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; for God has already approved your works.” You have already approved of my works, so why should I condemn myself for eating? I am so in love with you, because you have given up so much for me. You have given me a life, with a wonderful family, amazing friends, and other things that I truly don’t deserve. Not only did you bless me with family, and friends, but you helped me get out of a dark time and turn things around. I like to think of it as if I were in a hole. I hole that I had dug out myself, and fell into. I was stuck for so long, and I cried out for help. There were people who walked by the hole and could see me, and tried to do their best to help. However, they could not get me out of the hole because it was too far down, it was very dark, and it was very risky to have to climb down and get me. I don’t blame them, however, when you walked by the hole and saw me..You reached your hand down and said “let me help you”. You reached for my hand, and ever since I have been giving you the glory for recovering from an eating disorder. I have been give You the praise, and honour that you deserve because of Your works. You are a miracle worker, and day in and day out You never stop working! Not only did you help me out of the hole, but you provided me with a safe place to stay once I came out of it. You placed me in a small city, where I have met some beautiful people and have learned many different things about You and myself. When I thought that I wasn’t going anywhere in life, you turned things around and put me on a path of righteousness and freedom. You began to show me my strengths, and placed me on an appropriate career path. I never had the desire to be a nurse, and that’s what most people say you must have. I’ve heard so many times that nursing is career that you’ve been wanting to do since a child, but I believe that it’s more than a career choice. It’s a quality, and anyone who is kind or compassionate can become a nurse. Anyone who see’s someone in their own little hole, and has the eagerness to help them.. that is what a nurse does. I was someone who was in a hole, and had the hand of the Lord help me, as well as many others who I believe God used to help me. I want to become a nurse so that I can give back what I received, as one who suffered for many years. I love you with my entire heart God, you’ve shown me wonders ever since I had chosen to follow You. When I didn’t have the marks to get into a college program…You changed that pretty quickly. When I didn’t have the finances to go on several trips this year that were very eye-opening…You made it happen. When I didn’t think I could handle having a job, and be in school at the same time..You provided. When I didn’t think that I could live on my own, and be a part from family and friends…You comforted. When I didn’t know where to go, or who to turn to in my days of hopelessness…You shined through. You have brought me out of sheer darkness. You’ve given me hope for my future, something I didn’t have a year ago. You’ve given me a life to look forward to because each and everyday is a chance to be more like You, and to enjoy what you have given us. It’s also one step closer to eternity, which I think is absolutely incredible. I look forward to the littlest things in this life because it’s all so beautiful. I never appreciated the time it took to read a book, or have a conversation with someone, or go for a walk. I never took into consideration the beauty behind all of those things before, but now I do. I see that You have been showing me how to get wisdom and understanding through reading your Word, and applying it to my every day life. I’ve been looking for the beauty in each conversation I’ve been having with people, and seeing why You have placed me in specific situations. I am so blessed, to know, that I have a God who looks after me. Who takes care of me. Who never, disappoints me. I wish I could be as faithful as You are to me God, because your perfection is something I strive to reach all the time. Thank you for keeping me safe, and for keeping Your promises. Lord, I don’t need the whole world…in fact, I don’t want it. All I need, is You. And through you, I can be everything I need to be. I pray that this love letter speaks to whoever is reading, in Jesus name, Amen.


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