I am 19 years of age.

I am a Canadian girl who loves the outdoors. In fact, being outside is where I feel most connected to my inner spirit and to God, since I am using His beautiful creation for things I enjoy such as running, walking, biking, and playing tennis.

I love getting to know people, and learning new things about them. I find my strengths in the midst of helping people.

At t a very young age when my first friend (Mary) came to me for advice. Mary is younger than myself, and was my next door neighbour who looked up to me, and who I had very deep conversations with, at only the age of 5! 

I get inspired when I see people helping people.

Numerous times I’ve been the person sitting in a guidance office chair, being helped by professionals whose career is to listen, and to offer support. I would love to take on the role of the professional some day, maybe not in a guidance office, but in any setting where I can help someone in the midst of their troubles. 

Aside from loving people, I also enjoy creating new things, coming up with new ideas, and finding my hidden interests.

I can easily get lost in a train of my own thoughts, which can result in me writing, singing, dancing, and praying. I see so much beauty in art and design, whether it be simple design patterns, interior decor, cooking, fashion, landscaping, make-up, or anything that has to deal with colors.

Colours have an uplifting effect, and can make things seem lively. 

I enjoy going on adventures of any kind. It could be a crazy adventure that involves leaving town, or a simple adventure to the nearest Shoppers drug-mart.

When I feel pain, or am in the midst of hardship, I find the most beauty is found in these situations because I can always rely on my faith to give me hope for a brighter day ahead. It is only when I felt pain and suffering, to experience pure joy and contentment.

I often remind my friends of what their strong points are, and how their gifts are admired by myself and others. I also like to listen to what their concerns are, and try my absolute best to relate it to my own experience. Sometimes, if I am unable to relate, I’ll listen to my best ability and show my concern for their situation.

I like to make people laugh, by using silly remarks and making goofy facial expressions. Sometimes when I’m singing, I’ll add some silliness into the performance.

I am very grateful for my compassionate and loving spirit because I feel that we are called by God to love on others. Our purpose of living is to share our love with everybody because we are all of equal value. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, it says: Now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

I feel like I am truly being myself when I’m not concerned about what I have eaten in a day because when I am focused on the food that I have eaten, I am unable to enjoy the present moment. After several years of living with an eating disorder, there were many things that I missed out on but now can enjoy because of the grace that God has given me.

My family members always tell me that I was a very happy girl. When I was a baby, I would sing songs in my crib to alert my mother that I was awake, and would continue to sing throughout the day to artists such as Terry Clarke and The Dixie Chicks. I would often come up with little dances to show off in front of my family after dinner with my cousins. I also had a very big imagination. I would always play imaginary games with my best friend Stephanie, who would always be eager to play imaginary games outside of her house near the mailbox.

Teachers would often say that I was quiet, but very polite. I would rarely participate in class discussion, but would always go above and beyond what the teacher’s expectations were when it came to class work and self projects.

The things I like most about my job, is the fact that I am meeting new people everyday. It’s pretty interesting to see how similar people are, when it comes to ordering from the menu. There are a lot of people who I can already predict what they might order for themselves or their family, and sometimes I am surprised at what they order too. Teenage boys tend to purchase 2 jr. chickens, or 2 doubles,

while teenage girls often get a Mc Chicken meal, with a fountain drink or an iced coffee. Then we have our regular senior citizens who come in and get their coffee and muffin deal, with 2 butters on the side and some honey. It’s amazing to see how some of the age groups have different eating preferences, something that I never would have recognized prior to working at McDonald’s. I also love the social aspect of the job, because working with friendly people makes the job feel less of a “job”, and more so of a friendly, fun environment where we serve the public. My managers are often pleased with my work habits, but encourage me to up-sell menu items. Sometimes I find it to be a challenge when asking someone if they would want to add something to their order because if I were to put myself in their position, I would probably be okay with what I had ordered and would be opted to saying no. I know I shouldn’t be afraid of getting a “no” answer back, but again I feel that pressuring customers into buying more food could set them off a little. My co-workers say that I’m nice, and cute. They always tell me that I look way younger than I am, because of my height. I’ve been working at McDonald’s for 4 years since I was 15, and am the longest part-timer there, but people have said that I look like I’m still a high-school student!

Sometimes I wonder to myself, what is it about me that makes people seek me out. I would hope that it is simply for who I am and how I treat people. My friends are very kind, and are always wanting to make plans to do something fun. I love that, because I love looking forward to spending time with friends and making special memories together.

Right now, I am currently searching to find out who I am. I want to think deep into the person I was when I was a child and compare to now, because I have so many new influences and experiences in my life now compared to childhood. This is both good and bad because although I have more knowledge as to who I want to be, it can be hard to be that person without comparing myself to how other’s go about their lives. I want to be the girl who does things because she enjoys them, and not because it’s something others enjoy. I want to be the girl who wakes up every morning, with confidence that her day is going to be amazing. I want to be the girl whose heart is just so focused on Jesus, so that nothing could stand in her way of being happy. I want to be the girl who people see light in, as opposed to darkness. I have experienced both the highs and lows of life, and don’t we all? But it’s the lows in which I can say I am thankful for because without them, I would not appreciate the highs as much. I don’t want to experience the lows, but as human beings we can sometimes allow our minds to gravitate toward negativity whether we mean to or not. I want to be the girl who is able to recognize her emotions before acting on impulse. I want to be the girl who does not allow other’s comments bother her inside. I want to be the girl who knows what she wants, and will not allow people to talk her out of it. I want to be the girl who is always anticipating growth, rather than sticking in one place. I want to be the girl who really lives her life to the fullest because at the end of the day there is only one chances to be Sara Anne Ryan, and I will make sure I do the best that I can while I’m living as her.

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