Truly loving who I am becoming

Good afternoon lovely’s!

I hope you’re all having yourselves a wonderful Saturday so far. Some of you might have been blessed to sleep until according to your own personal alarm clocks, and other’s may have had to wake up to a real alarm clock (which would be me!) for something like work, volunteering, or something that you have simply placed into your daily routine. Whatever the case is, God has been with you in every step as you go through the motions of your day.

Today, I would like to talk about the goodness of the Lord, and how He has strengthened me beyond measures.

This morning I woke up, having said my prayers last night that today would be an amazing day, and it truely has been. I find that when I ask the Lord for something that He wants me to have, he will allow me to receive it. Today I didn’t do anything crazy exciting either, but it’s the fact that as simple as today was, God gave me the courage to be kind to others, the strength to eat mindfully, peace to know that whatever I face myself with today, He is always with me. I have come to a place in my life now where I can be rest-assured, that If I seek Him, He will make me aware of His presence.

My heart says of you, Seek his faceYour face, Lord, I will seek.

Some of you may or may not know that I’ve currently been working at Macdonald’s for almost 4 years. I feel blessed to have a part-time job, I truly can’t complain. But on days like today, especially on Saturdays, where I’m usually up at 5:30 a.m for a 6.00 am shift, I normally have a pessimistic attitude towards not being able to do the things I would typically be doing on a Saturday morning. But, then I remind myself of some of the benefits of having a 6 a.m shift are, and how God see’s the work i’m putting into such an easier portion of the day. I love getting to work without all the commotion of an overcrowded restaurant, an over-staffed kitchen and front area, and yelling and screaming in every direction. There is also something about the breakfast menu which I prefer over the lunch menu, maybe it’s because there is less variety and makes the shift seem more simplistic. But it’s not just the atmosphere and food that I enjoy more about morning shifts, but it’s the people that I serve which makes the experience a heck of a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. Morning’s at McDonald’s are crucial for regulars. There are customers who come in with a smile, and without even asking “How may I help you?”,  both them and myself know what their order is without speaking of word. I love this because it brings me such warmth and comfort, making connections with customers that are no longer just “a customer” or a “number”, but they’re a respected person, with faith knowing that they’ll be served accordingly.  About 3 years ago when I was first learning how to navigate the breakfast menu, a man came in with a serious tone and ordered like this: “Small black. Carrot muffin. Heated. no butter. No bag. no tray.” I gulped, and without delay did as he asked. He proceeded to pay and went to sit down. Time after time this man would come in ordering the same thing, until eventually, I knew what he was getting. I would begin to start saying his order to him before he could get a word out, and there was some kind of trusting relationship we had with each other that I would not let him down. That I would never give him a muffin that was not heated, or even think twice about putting the muffin in a bag or on a tray. There was something truly magical about it, and I no longer doubt or resent customers if they’re speaking to me in demanding or “rude” tones, because I myself am guilty of this too. To add to all of this, this man now comes in with a SMILE on his face, I couldn’t believe it when I saw him smile for the first time. I thought man, I must be doing something right. And he sits in the dining room with all of his friends, and they always smile whenever I walk by them. The other day, tray-less man said to me “You have a great smile, did you know that?” I said back to him, “Why thank-you, as do you!” We both chucked, and I proceeded to punch in his order without asking him what he was getting, because again, we both knew what it was.

I purposely did not intend to make this blog about the man who orders heated muffins without a bag or tray, but I did intend on wanting to share with you how Christ has made me become more grateful of some of the moments that happen at work, and how my perspective and attitude can completely change as I allow God to work in me for others to see.

I pray that God continues to do this, wherever I needed be, so that I can be at rest knowing that He is using me in a place where He feels I should be used.

May God bless you wherever you go, and with whatever you do. He is putting you somewhere to be used for the goodness of Him, even when you least expect it.



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