Not So Pitch Perfect

Hey guys, and Happy Thursday! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope all of you are aware of God’s presence in your life this very moment.

Sometimes I get the most random thoughts during a certain activity I’m doing, and it usually results in a future blog post. Today’s blog post comes from one of those random thoughts I had today.

The thought I was having was pertaining to the idea that nobody is perfect, infact, not even someone who may “seem” perfect in your own eyes, they themselves are not perfect in anyway.

The reason for this thought is because we as a society have labelled some people, and things as perfect. We hardly know someone and atomically assume that their life is pitch perfect. Maybe this is because they’ve got great style, or drive a nice car, or have a great family and circle of friends. But, we must keep in mind that these people are not perfect, only God is perfect.

With that being said, there are some things I’d like to add about perfection, and how we treat those who we think are perfect/not perfect. For example, when i’m surrounded by some of my classmates and somebody walks in with a warn out jacket, uncombed hair, maybe a little added weight on to them, and is already labeled as someone who “doesn’t have their life together”, we must keep in mind that this person wasn’t meant to have their life together just yet. And we also must keep in mind that we ourselves don’t completely have our lives together to a tee, because if we did, we would be perfect.

But the truth is that none of us are perfect, and therefore we have zero right to judge those around us who we think aren’t perfect. We also have zero right to judge anyone in general. The only one who can judge is the Lord himself, and this we must keep in mind throughout a day-to-day basis.

I myself used to be a “perfectionist” in ways that I don’t think were necessarily healthy, but in some cases, being a perfectionist can be a good thing. By attaining a perfectionist attitude, can seriously drive us towards God as we strive to be our best in what we do. However, we can only take our level of perfectionism to a certain degree. We must have the attitude that our intentions, are motivations, our goals, are to honour God. If we start convincing ourselves to be perfect at something for other reasons, we will fail not just ourselves, but the Lord too.

God doesn’t want other gods before Him. In fact, when he starts to notice that we idolize things that aren’t Him, he starts to get jealous, and begins to interfere.

This to me, is where the root of all our struggles begin.

We start removing our focus, our intentions, our motives away from God, and shifting them to other things that in the long run will not serve God or help us grow on a spiritual level. This is when we start to see setbacks, disappointments, failures, and really unhealthy habits. Because we’ve shifted our focus in other areas aside from God, we are doomed for destruction.

On a more person level, I myself have experienced this very thing. I have been to dark places, where my gods, my idols, my hope, way laying in areas that weren’t Godly, and just simply wasn’t God that I was glorifying. All my motivations and focus was on something that was tearing me down day by day, because I wasn’t growing in my faith, I was dying.

The things about God is that He gives us the assurance and peaceful mind that things are going to be okay. He never wants us to feel “unsure”, or “anxious” about anything, but it’s part of our human nature to allow these things to run our lives.

Right now, I’m in a very unpredictable situation. As I wait for an acceptance into nursing that I may not end up getting (because of God’s timing), I remain hopeful and assured that whatever happens, whether I get into nursing this September or not, my mind can be at rest knowing that it’s God’s plan, not mine. And if I don’t get into nursing right now, it doesn’t mean that I won’t next year. I must remain hopeful, and in God’s presence or else I will be set up for an ugly future ahead of me.

So what things do you consider “perfect”? What things motivate you to do things that you do everyday? Is God apart of those motivations? Is God apart of your life at all?

I encourage you to seek the Lord whenever you find yourself in a place where all hope is lost. I also encourage you to try and identify what could be weighing you down at this very moment, and how it could be turned around by opening yourself up to God.

He never disappoints, He is perfect.

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