Turn it Around

It’s amazing to see people transform their lives for the better.

We’ve all seen a friend, a family member, a former colleague or perhaps even a previous mentor go on a slippery slope that almost seems impossible and hopeless to get back on the right track. And sometimes we find ourselves asking the question “How could they live like that? Why are they ruining their life? Why are they throwing away what matters?

For years, I was a victim of this way of thinking, because I had never gone through anything that was life altering. From my perspective, I couldn’t understand why people would resort to drugs or alcohol. From my perspective, I couldn’t see how people found pleasure in smoking or gambling. From my perspective, I could not even fathom how someone could have a mental illness such as bi-polar, depression, an eating disorder, etc.

In grade 10 health class, I remember we had one lesson specifically focused on the types of eating disorders and what they consisted of. My teacher had began to say “Well class, there are 3 different types of eating disorders.” She began to list each one, beginning with anorexia, then binge eating disorder, and lastly with bulimia. Anorexia was described as an extremely thin woman, (yes, men were not included) as a result of purposely not eating/starving oneself. When I heard this, there were major judgements going on in my head. “How could anyone starve themselves?” “Who would want to make themselves throw up on purpose?” As harsh as it sounds, I was extremely unimpressed with what I was hearing, and couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Three months later, I developed anorexia.

As a born again Christian, it took years for me to realize that this eating disorder I developed was a sneaky way of the enemy taking over my body, mind and spirit. Now that I have given my life to Christ, and I am fully aware that it’s the enemy’s work, what can I do about it?

The answer? Help others dealing with the same, if not similar issues as I did. I believe that this will determine whether or not I have passed God’s test, and will only bring me closer to Him.

God places hardships in peoples lives to see if they are committed to Him, to see if they put their faith and trust in Him. He doesn’t purposely place hard times in peoples lives to watch them suffer in pain, but He does like to place trials in people’s lives to see if they are a slave to sin(the enemy) or a slave to Him(everything we need).

Don’t be afraid. We have all experienced darkness in one form or the other. Whether it be a personal experience, or losing someone due to darkness, we’ve all experienced it some way, some how. Some experiences are more extreme than others, but this is because darkness equals sin and we as humans are born into sin. What God asks of us is plain and simple, to love Him. God’s first command goes like this :

You shall have no other gods before Me.

Ask yourself, do you have other gods before Him? If you do, ask yourself how you can put them behind, discard them. For me, food and exercise were gods. I was obsessed, consumed with thoughts about each of those things and was a slave to them for the majority of my teenage years. I was convinced that I was living for both things, because they would go hand in hand with each other, and I truly couldn’t think of other purposes to life. But, I knew that there was more to life than both of those things, because I had experienced joy prior to the eating disorder, and during the eating disorder the joy was sucked out of me.

But what if you found out later on that God has perfect timing? Would you reconsider your trails, your failures, your hardships, and think of them as blessings?

God’s plan for you is amazing, because he knows what each of our days look like. From the time we born into the world, to the day we die on earth, He knows everything.  He plans everything very carefully, and goes according to what He believes is best for us.

Our job as Christ followers are to have patience, hope, faith, and trust that His plan will open the doors we once thought were shut and locked up.

This past week, I had written a nursing exam that will determine my acceptance into nursing for the fall. When I read my results last night, I was worried I may not make the cut. But I then realized it was the enemy saying I wasn’t going to make the cut, and I quickly turned my heart over to the Lord and asked Him to help me, to have patience and trust that if this is the career I was called upon by God, then it will happen. It may not happen when Sara wants it to happen, but it will happen.

Another thing as Christians we need to believe is that, there is nothing wrong with experiencing 100 no’s before a yes, and the path of life isn’t always straight. What I mean is that, we can’t be discouraged if we keep being turned down, because if we do, it can ruin our destiny, it can ruin what God had in store for us. Maybe he didn’t want us to get that job just yet, because He sees a better job awaiting. Maybe he didn’t want us to get the house we had put an offer on and believed was “perfect” for our family, because He knew that there would be problems years down the road that could cost our family some financial issues. Maybe he wanted us to take a break before jumping into something we thought we should have been doing, because He simply wanted to build a stronger relationship with us first. There are endless possibilities as to why not everything works out in our favour, but it’s our job to make sure we stay faithful to God and trust everything He does is for the better. We need to be willing and expecting more. If you are thirsty, do not stand in front of a water fountain holding a tiny shot glass. Stand in front of it with a big barrel.

Mathew 7:7 says

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

If you’re waiting on something you think isn’t going to happen, PRAY. I encourage you to pray because God will listen and will answer your prayers. He doesn’t filter what you say to Him, he takes everything you say into consideration and will follow through if it’s in your best interest. If He knows it’s not good for you, He will eventually reveal to you why it’s no good. Take time and pray about whatever it is you’re anxious, worried, or concerned about.

I know I’m going all over the place, partially due to the fact that I’m sitting here with tired fingers and squinting eyes, but this has been on my mind and in my heart for days now and I encourage you to pray. Pray about everything and everything, anywhere, anytime. I will have a blog coming up that’s more targeted on prayer specifically but in the mean time, pray! It’s now time that I get some prayer time in before bed. Have a good night my loves.

S.R ❤








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