A Film Worth Seeing

There’s something about a heavy thunderstorm that gives us all such a thrill. The lightening strikes, and the thunder rolls, and then all of the sudden the lights go out and the clocks turn off. There’s just something about a thunderstorm that gives us a taste of what life would be like without power, and yet we find ourselves anticipating for the lights to turn back on, and the clocks to begin ticking again.

Tonight, I watched a movie called the fifth wave. The story began with a typical high-school girl living her typical high school life. Typical high school parties, typical after school soccer practice, and typical texting in class is what was what made the world go round. But all of the sudden, a wave struck the earth, all power and electricity was completely vanished. The lights went out, phones powered off, cars that were currently moving, came to an immiedte stop, smashing into others cars and poles. It was almost like a huge tsunami had stuck the city, and infact, it did in the second wave.

The second wave was even more terrifying, a massive bar had been dropped from space and destroyed every coastline on the planet. The force from all the earth’s lakes and oceans had completely wiped out cities, including all towers and buildings.

I won’t go into fourth detail about each of the waves leading up to the fifth, but in the fifth wave is where all the action happens.

Cassie, the typical highs cool girl, isn’t so typical as she faces life on her own. After losing her mother to ebola in the third wave, and her father during the fourth wave from soldiers, Cassie was left with her little brother Sammy and eventually is separated from him as well. Cassie’s mission is to find and protect her little brother, but he was taken away on school bus full of kid’s that were sent off the become part of the military.

The world had been taken over by “the others”, a species that had a goal to completely wash out the human race so that they could use the earth’s space for none but their own kind.

As Cassie fights for her own survival in the woods, she is shot in the leg by “the others”, and has difficulty getting back up. But, a young country boy named Evan see’s Cassie from a distance and came to her rescue. Evan’s character is portrayed as good, and sincere. He picks Cassie up and takes her back to his country home, and gives her a room to sleep in and a warm bed to sleep in. He really plays the “hero” role for quite sometime. But then, after Evan and Cassie begin to become intimate wit one another, he admits to her that he his one of “the others”. Out of Evan’s strong love for Cassie, he tried to explain to Cassie that he’s partly human, and partly part of the other species, and would never hurt her. Cassie isn’t thrilled with Evan whatsoever, and tells him he needs to stay away from her.

Now another character by the name of Ben Perish, a former “typical highs cool boy” is part of the military along with Cassie’s brother, and he discovers that all the soldiers who brought these kids to the military bases were not human. They were evil, and thought they could fool the children that they were doing them a favour by bringing them to the camps to train to kill other humans, even though these kid’s thought they were being trained to kill the other species.

Once Cassie finally reaches the military base to reunite with her brother, she ends up killing one of the drill sergeants who had been planting trackers into all of the kid’s necks. This was there way of convincing the kids that they were good, and humans weren’t. Ben, Sammy and Cassie reunite with one another and Evan comes along too. Cassie questions Evan as to why he came back even though she deliberately said “don’t follow me” But Evan came to tell her that he came to the realization that he couldn’t be both species, he had to chose one, and he chose her.

Now I won’t spoil anymore of the movie, but I do know for a fact that by the way things ended, there is going to be sequel.

This movie brought me so much insight on how much we take for granted. Almost everything that we use needs electrical power. What if one day it just shut off, and not just for a short period of time as we experience during a thunderstorm, but for good? Also, the “others” in this movie made a valid point when Ben frustratingly said “Why would you completely wipe out an entire species, humans would never do that” And the others responded ” sure you would, you’ve been doing it for centuries”. So true, so true.

And to end things off, Cassie said the “others” think that having hope is a sign of weakness, but humans need hope to survive. Hope allows us who have hope, to bend and not break. This is so true and really hit home for me. As a Christian, I had such a great appreciation for what this movie had been focused on. Isaiah 43:3 says “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice”. I believe that this is what separates Christians from “the others”.

And, another movie that looks EXTREMELY good from it’s trailer, is called “Miracles from Heaven”, which comes to theatres this march! Here’s the trailer if you haven’t heard of it!<3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CldGTG6iVrU

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