Worship Wednesday

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week. It’s been a crazy week for some, and others (like me) have been taking my time with getting back on track with school and everything else. It’s been really nice, finding more time to meditate and spiritually grow in God’s presence.

Last week I made a blog post titled “Worship wednesdays”, and unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the fact that wednesdays are actually the most heavily weighted with classes for my schedule this semester, and therefore it’s going to be a challenge to have enough time on a wednesday to put the majority of my focus on the Word of God. Likewise, everyday should have God has the main focus, but on a day where there is so many tasks at hand to complete, we must find the time to devote ourselves to God on days where there isn’t things such as school, work, etc. Sundays are typically used for meditating on the holy spirit, but I have decided to devote my Friday’s to really focus on God. From now on, Worship wednesday posts will be made on Fridays, and posted on Fridays. I haven’t decided weather or not to change the name to something that relates to Friday, but for now we’ll keep it as Worship wednesdays.

That’s just a little update from me, I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far and I’m so excited to focus on the Word of God this coming Friday!

Take good care of one an other, and God bless,



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