Make a Difference Monday

Hey everyone, so today is make a difference Monday on the blog, and I am so excited to dive right into today’s topic.

“The greatest hope for a couple is to build a relationship on spiritual attraction”.

I love this, and I heard it first on an online message delivered by Randy Pope, who talked to a large number of college and university students about dating, love, and finding the “million dollar mate”.

This is interesting, because I believe that a lot of relationships are built on 2 different things. Looks, and personality. But what happens when looks and/or personality decreases? Will the relationship continue to be strong? Will the marriage fall apart?

The beautiful thing about building a relationship on spiritual attraction is that it doesn’t decrease, it increases, tremendously.

I’m growing a lot in my faith, and through growing comes a great deal of realizations. I’ve realized why past relationships haven’t worked out. I’ve realized why I’m less eager to wanting to find somebody to “love”. I’m beginning to distinguish what I truly want in my partner, or soulmate, and it involves spirituality.

Sometimes, we come across somebody that we feel so strong about, and we barely even know them. Has anyone been there? You see someone, and you think “man, they’re perfect”. I’ve been in this situation many times, but how do I know that they’re somebody that could potentially be the love of my life, if I don’t know what there values are, what they do, who they are, let alone their name.

It’s funny though because I’ve also come across people who have told me their own love stories, and how they didn’t even know the name of the person they’re currently married to, but just “knew” that they were the “one”, the second they caught their eye.

I’m confused by this, because lately I’ve had this thought, and almost a worry. I keep thinking to myself “what if”. What if the person I’m going to marry is somebody I hardly know, but I’ve convinced myself that they’re the one. How do I even approach them? How do I know forsake that this person will fit my every spiritual desire that will fulfill my relationship’s needs. The thing is, I don’t know right now, and maybe never will. But there is somebody who does, and that’s God.

God knows who we should be with, He’s planned out every detail. We need to pray about it, and trust in Him that whatever He’s got planned and right for us. Ask God to speak to you, ask Him, “God, if this person is the one for me, help guide me to them”. It’s as simple as that, you can’t go wrong with prayer.

I’ve had a lot of self doubt, but the one thing that get’s me through and truly gives me hope in any situation is God.

If there’s somebody you feel is right for you, and you don’t have the courage to act on it, pray about it first. It’s the only way you’ll seek the answers to what you’re looking for.


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