TGIF: Goal Setting

Hey everyone, TGIF!

Today I woke up with a burst of joy, as it is Friday and we’ve made it through our first week of 2016. It’s been a blessing so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of this year.

I wanted to outline some of the goals I have for myself this year, which may encourage you to set some of your own goals.

I was never really the type to set goals because I would rarely stick to them, but I feel that with God’s help, I can really understand the importance of maintaining certain goals are so that it will become beneficial in the long-term.


To be a better sister- I’m going to send postcards to my step-sister who lives 5 hours away from home. She had moved away for school almost 3 years ago, and I miss seeing her, listening to her, venting to her, and looking up to her. I still look up to her, and right now she’s vacationing with her boyfriend and friends in Cuba. So I think this weekend I will purchase a postcard and send it while she’s away, and hopefully she’ll receive it when she returns home.

To be a better friend- This school year has prevented me from seeing friends as often as I once did, because I’ve been living away from home. I will however be home on Mondays, and the weekends. I want to use these days to plan a visit with a friend, or multiple. It doesn’t have to be something that involves activity, it can simply be a nice visit at one an other’s houses or something like that. I also want to stay “in the know”of my friends life. If I must use social media to do so, then I will. Our culture these days almost always relies on social media as a way to share life with each other, so I’m going to make an effort at staying in the know of other’s life by using social media as a helper.

Friendships in general- I want to make more friendships, and strengthen the ones I have. I believe the way to do this is by connecting with each other more, and truly appreciating time spent together. Planning monthly gatherings with friends seems ideal, but might be a challenge since everyone has different schedules. Instead, I’m going to try and make plans with each friend separately, and when the right time comes that we can all see each other, it will happen.

To be a better daughter- this applies to all 4 parents I have, 2 blood related and 2 step-parents. I want to be a better daughter to each of them in different ways, but at the same time I want to be able to connect with each of them equally. After all, they devoted a great deal of their time raising me.

Spiritual- I want to grow each day with God. How? Each morning, I’m going to read my devotional and reflect upon it. I’m going to set time aside each morning for prayer as well. I also want to read lots of the bible this year, and to do that, I’m going to set time aside to read it. During the week,it’s pretty crammed for school work. But on days where I have no school work, I’m going to use that time for bible reading. Also, I have a 6 week trip to Greece coming up in the spring, and I’m already excited to use that time to read the bible and become more knowledgeable of the Word. I also attend a young adult church every Monday night, and there I would like to meet and connect with at least one new person. As far as getting involved with the church, it’s difficult to make the commitment of being part of a group that meets on a weekly basis, because I won’t be in the area. But come summer time, this is defiantly something I’m interested in.

Fitness- Fitness is a big part of my life, but isn’t the focus of my life. God is. And I need to remember that each day. However,fitness is a passion I’ve developed over the last few years and therefore I would really like to make goals around it. This year, I want to become stronger, so I’m going to plan daily workouts that involve some cardio and more muscle toning. I really don’t want to fall back into the trap of running each day, because I was losing a lot of muscle mass and it became dangerous and addictive for myself. But I believe that a healthy, workout plan will be good for my physical and mental health. Eating wise, I want have a healthy relationship with food. What does this mean? Well, pretty much the opposite of what the last few years have looked like. I want to eat intuitively, and not restrict. I also want to be aware of the food that I’m eating, so if I chose a healthier alternative I don’t want to consider that restricting, I simply want to consider it as making the healthier choice for my body. The end goal is to eat what will make me feel good mentally and physically.

Short-term goals for 2016

  • Get my G licence in the spring (March or April)
  • Learn how to play a song on guitar
  • Go horse back riding
  • Get accepted into desired program for school (nursing)
  • Read the bible
  • Improve physicallity and over all health
  • Become a better friend, daughter, sister
  • Stay organized (I purchased organizers from Walmart which have already made a huge difference)
  • blog 4 days a week
  • Pray everyday
  • Have more meaningful conversations
  • Host a Tea Party
  • Donate clothes or money to charity
  • Buy a car
  • Get a second ear piercing
  • Listen to the Lord
  • Play a board game
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Help somebody going through a rough time
  • Go on a trip
  • Star-gaze
  • Watch the sunset
  • Sleep on a trampoline
  • Make somebody smile each day
  • Be the helping hand to somebody
  • Improve guitar skills
  • Read a book
  • Watch harry potter series



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