“Taking it one day at a time Tuesday”

Hey guys! Today’s blog is titled “taking it one day at a time Tuesday”, created by the one and only Ben,  who is also my step-dad!

Today, I want to talk about what’s been rolling through my head in the last couple of days, and may I say that the Lord is doing some amazing, amazing things.

I’ve been reading from the bible lately because I feel that in order to strengthen my relationship with God , I should know more about Him, and what He expects from us Christians. I also want to build on my knowledge about Christianity and what it all means.

This morning I read parts of Romans, which talked about good and evil, and why there is sin in the world.

Romans 2:29-32 says:

Those who do not believe in God were given a reprobate mind. Being filled with evil, murder, maliciousness, envy, debate, proud, haters, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding convenient breakers without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful, that know the judgement of God, that would commit such things are worthy of death. 

What I’m getting from this is, sin had to happen in order to determine who will be allowed into Heaven, and who wouldn’t be. This is helpful because I have family members and friends who want to believe in Christ, but are doubtful because of all the bad things that they witness. They ask “If God is real, why would he allow crime, terrosim  murder, etc”. And I never had the right answer, all I would be able to say to them is “God has a plan, I know that it doesn’t seem like the right plan, but it is. Trust Him.” Now, I have a better understanding of why there is sin, and why it’s considered to be a sin.


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