Make a Difference Monday

“Monday is not the day to be back at the grindstone, it’s the day to be back at your passion”

Hey guys! Today is Monday, the first day back from the holiday’s, and also the first day a lot of us have been dreading.

All though we have had an amazing time with friends and family over the holiday break, we need to be reminded that these times spent with family and friends can be carried out with us on a  daily basis.

As a young adult, I’m used to people saying “Can it be Friday yet?”, “Where’s the weekend?”, “I need a cold one”.

Life is long, but not too long. We tend to downplay every day that isn’t the weekend, and we let our week pass by so quickly. Cherish your entire week, and allow your weekend to be a bonus. Each day is a gift, don’t throw it away.

I’ve gained a better perceptive of life, especially during the year of 2015. The trials I faced during that year were helpful especially when it comes to appreciating my days, and time spent with others. I am with you always, even to the end of age. Mathew 28:20

No matter what trials we face, Christ never leaves us.

Start today off by practicing your passion. You can start by simply smiling, praying, walking, blogging, singing, cooking, drawing, ANYTHING! Deep down, we know what keeps our engines running.

For myself, I’m an early bird. So I love waking up and starting the day bright and early. I like being active, and being productive. For you, you may like sleeping in, and like cozying up in bed. That’s totally fine, but remember to practice your passion.

Remind yourself of why you wake up everyday by practising your passion.



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