Christmas Eve!

Ahh hello everyone! Merry Christmas Eve!

I can’t believe it’s shorts and t-shirt weather on December 24th! I’ve been saying this so much lately to my friends and family, but it feels like we’re all just pretending that it’s Christmas this year because there is no chance of any snow!

I’ve been feeling really good lately, and that’s because I’m really beginning to respond God.

I keep replaying those days I’ve had where I’ve felt so down, and lost, and ashamed, and confused, and I believe that there have been so many days like this in my life because it’s God’s way of getting my attention. He’s saying, “Sara, why aren’t you calling on me?” Every time I have a day where I’m feeling alienated by my eating disorder, God want’s me to respond to Him. He wants be to do something further withy struggles, and not just be sad. He wants to give me some kind of advantage, that others may not have, in order to help them, and also to help myself deal with the trials I face.

God is always there, no matter what. It’s me this whole time who has been shutting him out. I’m telling you that he works, all the time. It makes me sad when I chose not to respond to Him, because I know deep down that I am broken, and need is everlasting love.

I had a random thought about my experience in high school, and how I felt that the whole time I didn’t fit in. I began to think maybe it’s because I chose to go to a public, verses a catholic school for high-school, and maybe God wishes I had gone somewhere where He was well known. Nobody spoke of God at my school (unless His name was used in vain). Once I had graduated, all of the sudden I had this urge to go back to church, and to reconsider my faith. Before, I hardly had any, but now, I have so much faith in Him.

God is truly who has helped me the most this entire journey of recovery,and I praise Him each day for all that He does.

I want to change peoples lives who deal with eating disorders, or any other kind of mental obstacles, through God. I would never force anything upon anyone, but if I can use my own faith to help others, I would be ecstatic. I can use my knowledge, and experience to help those who deal with issues where they feel that they need control over something, or they can’t seem to figure out why they do certain things. I want to help them deal with it, in a Godly manner. Forget the things that you hear online, the only voice that has the most truth to anything is God, so trust Him.

I know that this post has a lot of praise for God in it, but I don’t believe that there is any inappropriate time to do so, and especially since Christmas is right around the corner, I think this post suits the occasion just wonderfully!


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