Exercise Your Brain

Hey everyone! Hope everybody is having a good week.

I  want to jump right into this thought I’ve been having today, it really helped me find positive reasons for eating, because sometimes I argue that if I’m not doing any physical activity, I shouldn’t being eating as much, or I’ll be fine without eating anything until I start moving. This way of thinking is what caused me to become so obsessed with excercise earlier on, when I was always finding reasons to do anything besides sitting down. I would think that sitting down wouldn’t use up any energy, and therefore I’d be gaining weight. I’ve come so far in my recovery to understand that this is absolutley false, unless ofcourse I was eating extreme amounts and sitting down all day/all night. Becasue of the lifestyle that I have, I don’t have any reasons to gain weight while sitting down.

My friend Teresa in my class asked me yesterday, “Don’t you get hungry from studying?” I hesistated to respond, because I didn’t know if I should be getting hungry from studying, since my automatic Ed thought is “no, you shouldn’t be getting hungry, you’re not excercising.” But Ed was terribly mistaken, after Teresa mentioned “You burn calories when your studying, because you’re brain uses energy to think”. I never thought that was possible, studying burns calories?! I know this may sound triggering, because it could possibly mean that I’ll only use my time to study from now on, but I know that I wouldn’t do that, because simply because I know that studying shouldn’t be abused, and should be used in times where there needs to be studying done.

For me, studying is a very isolated activity. Much like running. I tend to get a “high” off of doing things by myself, because these are times where I feel like I am control of what I am doing.

Needless to say, the idea of using up energy for studying is not be mentioned so that everyone can be on a study-spree, but I am sharing this information so that if you ever feel anxious during the times you are sitting, and doing important things crucial for your future, instead of being physcially active, just remember that you are still being active, but in a different way.

That is all for now, until next time

S.R ❤

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