Preventing negative mindsets

Hey everyone! I hope everybody is having an awesome week so far, I know that over the last few days things for me have felt better than ever because although I found myself in some struggles, I have been able things a lot better than I have in the past, which just goes to show how hard but rewarding recovery is.

I want to share some of the things that I find helpful while battling through the week, and coming up with ways to avoid those negative feelings you may have throughout the day about food or excercise or issues that you may not even know exist. Here’s what works for me, and may also be helpful for you.

  1. Morning work-out

This is something I have had debates about with myself and with others, that may seem triggering to the excercise portion of an eating disorder, but I know that from my expereince, if I don’t give myself time in the day to focus on being active, my day looks very anxious and very off track. By working out in the morning, whether it be for 15 minutes to 1 hour, it gives me the energy, the determination and the strength to get through each day because I am giving my body the required amount of excercise it should be getting throughout the day. I like the idea of doing monring workouts so that I am not worried about it being pushed aside or avoided later on the day, and it just makes me feel good to wake up and blast some of my favourite music and sing and dance while being involved in my physical activity.

2. Eating what you want

I’ve learn this the hard way, that when you don’t allow yourself the food your body asks you for, it can really throw off the rest of the day, and you may find yourself eating more of what you intended to eat later on because of the built up stress/anxiety you have from not eating what your body asked for. For example, yesterday after math class, a couple of my friends and I were terribly hungry after class, and we all couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat for lunch. Having skipped breakfast, I knew I needed something substantial, something that would fill me up really good and nourish my body. But, for some reason, when the girls decided on subway, there were Ed voices in my head saying there are too many calories in that, and the bread is dangerous. I knew this wasn’t true, which is why I was getting angr with Ed. Stop lying to me, I know what is good for me, you don’t get to dictate if bread should be something I do or do not consume. But, I gave in to him once again and decided that a quaker oatmeal and a yogurt fruit cup would be the better option. After still being hungry, I went to the starbucks on campus and got a peppermint mocha, no whip and with soymilk and a ricecrispy dream bar. This upset me alot. Not only did I spend more than I intended, I didn’t give my body what it asked for. Today, I gave my body what it asked for, and it feels so good.

3. Remembering God is always with you

Sometimes I forget that God is by my side 24/7. He’s always here and I’m always looking for others to be here for me. I always base the quality of my life on who is in my life, and how things are going with each person. If for some reason I feel like I’m drifting away from people, I get upset and start to think that my life isn’t great. The truth is, it is great because no matter what, God is always you. He is here for you to listen and to help, no matter when, what, where or how.

4. Dreaming big

What gets me through the day is knowing there are big things ahead of me, and I’m not talking materlistic things. I’m talking about the woman I am going to become, and the family I’m going to have. I’m talking about the love that’s going to be present in my life, and the career path I’m going to take. Dream big.

That’s all for today guys, I hope you liked this segment!

Until next time,

S.r ❤


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