Overnight success

Good morning everyone! or should I say, goodnight???

Last night, I survived an overnight shift at Mcdonald’s, the shift I’ve been dreading since my schedule was released, and I can honestly say it feels good to know that it went by quick and was really fun! I got to work with 2 amazing girls named Juliana and Kelly. Kelly is my age, but she was the manager of the overnight! So you can see why it was a fun time. Despite the craziness with all the drunk customers ordering ridiculous amounts of food, we were all able to work together to get our tasks for the night done, and since I finished my things early, I helped Juliana take out the garabage and cardboard so we could all get out at 7 a.m. Also, yesterday was the first day to kick off free coffee week, which meant that this morning there were probably 50 or more coffees sold in a half an hour, I don’t really know if thats accurate, but it sure felt like it was! Before the shift, I was really nevous about worrying about my eating, because past overnights I have eaten food that I didn’t even want, or I would eye down the muffins that get put on display at the front, hoping I can sneak one in on my shift. I’ve also had shifts where I would begin on a really anxious note, and that anxiousness would carry on throughout the night. This overnight however was the first overnight I was not completley obsessing over food, infact I had some and felt good about it. I had chocolate turtles that we sprinkle on our new turtle sundae, which taste soooo good, and a peppermint hot chocolate, as well as some french fries. I would eat them during little breaks throughout the night, and since we get a 50 minute break, I used that time to take a power nap. Over all, the night was fantastic. I’m hoping to get a decent sleep today to top things off, because usually when I have overnights, I can’t sleep in for very long. A really hard things for me that has been apparent since my eating disorder got worse, is worrying over the amount of time I’m sleeping for. I fear that I’m  going to gain weight if I don’t get a proper sleep, and by proper I mean 8 or more hours of it. This is so false, but my mentality says otherwise. So, when I have overnights, I’m already anxious about not getting a proper sleep, but I also feel crappy about sleeping my day away the next day, just laying in bed all day. It’s something I really need to work on, especially if I want to get the most out of life, and as a future nurse I have to become used to being up during the night and sleeping during the day. But last night really proved to me that I am capable.

Anyways guys, I’m going to get some rest now, but I’ll most likeley be back with another blog tomorrow or soon. Take care, have a great saturday!



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