What is that?

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend so far! This week has been a crazy one, especially since Thursday afternoon.

For the past week, I’ve noticed an itch that just wouldn’t go away, specifically on my head. I kept ignoring the itchiness, thinking it was a dry scalp, or stress, but unfortunately on Thursday afternoon I came to realize that yes, I head head lice.

I’ve never had head lice before, so the warning signs never really struck me until I finally saw one come out of my hair during chemistry class..oh boy was that ever a sigh to see. Luckily, well, hopefully no one saw. I mean, although it is a common thing that most children go through, for a student in college, my worst fear was people thinking I was unhygienic.

Little did I know, that head lice actually clings onto clean hair, so I didn’t have to worry too much about defending myself about my daily shower routine, but I did however feel slightly embarrassed at the fact that I left it for so long in my hair before treating it, because I had no idea that there were lice in my hair.

I left school immediately after finding it in my hair, and went to Walmart to pick up so treatment shampoo, which did get out most of what was alive. The lady that I live with, Wendy, helped me wash it out, and I feel so thankful that she was willing to help and that she was home during this whole experience. We took a few hours just shampooing, rinsing and combing out what was there. Afterwards, I went home back to KW, where my mom spent another 2 hours that night combing through and getting out the nits.

The next morning, I woke up very early. I had a hard time sleeping because of the paranoia I was having while having lice in my hair. It really messes with your head (literally), but it really makes you think about what you can and cannot come in contact with, and if there are crawling bugs beside you at night. I know that sounds a little much, but I don’t think that the thought of bugs anywhere near our bodies in a comfortable feeling.

But in all honesty, this experience has really made me appreciate the days where I don’t deal with head lice. Head lice is a whole new problem of it’s own, so timing of it can be crucial if there are important things going on in your life that you end up having to miss because of it. I couldn’t work yesterday, since my manger said it was best to just go home. I was happy about this because it was a night off, of course, but in reality I did lose out on money I could be saving up for school/car/Christmas shopping/etc.

The things we have in our lives, are a privilege. The luxury of having a job, or going out with friends, or sleeping in a cozy/relaxing environment, or laying your head down anywhere you want that is comfortable, are all privileges that we as humans don’t always think about, and sometimes over see. I thought about if head lice was a daily thing humans had to face, how much time that would take up of our day. We are so lucky, that we don’t have to deal with crap all the time. We have to realize that crap comes and goes, and even though we may not feel settled while it is here, we will learn too appreciate what we have when it’s gone.

That is all for now.

Until next time,


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