Finding things to look forward too

Each and everyday, we wake up, do a little stretch, check our phones, and do something to start the day off. It’s a routine that we have been practicing for years, and sometimes it can be difficult if there is nothing to look forward too.

Some people have a hard time rise and shining because they are dreading what their day is going to look like. They see a day full of tasks to complete, or people to avoid, or simply wishing they were anywhere else besides there. Meanwhile, there are others who wake up with good intentions about how their day is going to go, which makes getting up much easier.

Personally, I’ve always been a morning person, so I don’t find getting out of bed to be challenging, but for some it can be total opposite. Maybe because they go to bed late, or simply just like to laze in bed until they have to get up to do something important. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with either, but to get the most out of your day, I think that first and for most, there needs to be something to look forward too.

I have learned over the 19 years of living, that having a set plan for my day makes the process of waking up much easier. I often plan things throughout the week so that I can assure that each day will be promising. There plans don’t need to involve being productive, I could plan something as simple as relaxing in my pj’s all day. I also make long-term plans such as planning out special occasions, choosing where I want to go for school/career, which excites me to start my day off right because I know that there are good things coming up.

Setting goals and making plans play a huge role in how you’re day is going to go in my opinion because without internally making these goals it is often hard to keep an open mind. If you don’t see anything going for yourself, or anything good to come, it can become challenging to get out of bed and live your life the way you were called to.

We are all capable of setting goals and reaching them if we put our minds to it. No matter what the goal is, it is possible.

You don’t need to be a happy person 24/7, but if you have faith in something good to come on your journey through life, I guarantee you’ll find yourself waking up with the birds chirping 🙂

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