Ask Me Anything!

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m so excited to hear from you guys and answer anything you want to ask!

First off I just want to say that I wouldn’t have made this blog if it weren’t for someone very special who helped to inspire me, to turn something I thought in my mind was a sad story into something much more meaningful and positive. This lovely person’s name is Cassie Wolfe. I reached out to Cassie when I was in my most desperate need of help, I was going through a rough time during the phase of my recovery from an eating disorder called anorexia, she has helped me so much just by sharing with me her own experience as well as sharing other’s experiences with me which I found very helpful in dealing with everything. Someone who has truely inspired me to turn my disorder/recovery into something positive is named Julia Grigorian. She has a very well-known blog, tumblr, twitter,instagram, account called lordstillovesme. This girl has come so far since she was in her own desperate need of help, and she has definitely shown her amazing progress in becoming a healthier, happier, and natural version of herself which really inspired me to want to create my own blog, to help myself and others who are going through similar things.

Here is where I want to answer ANY questions, no limits, regarding anything to do with my recovery, or recovery in general. I can try to help with anyone who is having a hard time dealing with it, because I have fought through many days of recovery to get to a place where I no longer have to battle through it, now don’t get me wrong I still have some days where I’m having some doubts about recovering, but I snap myself out of it and tell myself I never want to go back to the days where I was sick. I’ll help with friendship advice, love, school, advice on anything I am hear to listen and help in the best way that I possibly can. I want to be you’re free, anytime anyday, non appointment based guidance counselor. I’ve been through it all, (or atleast I think I have), not nearly as much as other have been through, but enough to be able to help those who do need advice and support. Here is a place where you can feel safe and open to talking about whatever it is you’re going through.

Here are some sample questions you might have in mind:

How long did recovery take?

What was the hardest part in recovery?

How did I go about recovery?

Do I have any fear foods still?

Do I still tend to do things according to Ed’s wants?

How did I go about changing my lifestyle back to a healthier version?

Also, I want to hear your stories too. I love hearing other’s stories,  they inspire me more than anything.

Anyways I’m off to do some chemistry homework but until next time,



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