Excitement of October

October is my favorite month of the year, and it’s not even my birthday month! I

I love this particular month of the year because there’s the thrill of Halloween coming up and planning fall activities like thanksgiving, pumpkin picking, deciding on a costume, trick-or-treating, haunted houses and hay rides, corn mazes and pumpkin-spice everything!!! It is just such a wonderful time, and it get’s me even more excited to count down the days to my birthday.

October Plans:

This week is heavily weighted on studying for my math test coming up on the 20th. I’m a lot more confident about it than I thought I was, but still could use a bit more practicing which I am planning to do a lot of over this weekend and on Monday!

This weekend coming up, there is a very special occasion happening and it’s Cassie’s 18th! I’m so exctied that she’s finally turning 18, and it’s gonna be great to have everyone together celebrating with her at Turtle Jack’s on Saturday night. I’m so happy I am able to go and I don’t have to work that night, I can’t wait 🙂

Monday the 19th – I’m looking forward to my second visit to the Embassy with Cassie

Tuesday 20th- Math test. Let’s CRUSH IT!

All of next week, I will be devoting time into my other subjects such as chemistry, biology, communications, ect. I also have a couple of overnight shifts on the weekend which should be fun, I’m not worried that I have them because after I am off for a week for fall break.

October 26-30th I have fall break! A week to study and relax, I couldn’t be more happier about it 🙂

October 31- Halloween! Let;s see if I have to work that night, even if I do, I’ll still plan to do something fun afterwards!

Finally it is November 1st, a Sunday. I’m hoping to do something with family and friends on this day to celebrate my birthday which is the day after!

That is all for my month of October, I’m hoping to really do well and push through it all with all the studying, I know it will be worth it as midterms are the week we come back from break.

Until next time,


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