Say goodbye to stress :)

Hey everyone!

So tonight I’m in the school library, studying some chemistry. I don’t mind it at all, once I know how to do it, and I ended up teaching myself an easy way of doing nomanclature which I think is a pretty big deal!

Today I was really stressed out because I told myself I needed to complete a whole bunch of stuff before the weekend since I know I’ll be busy with thanksgiving stuff, so I rushed into doing one of my online quizzes for chemistry which only back fired, I ended up with a 60%. Even though the quiz was only worth 3% of my grade, it still really bummed me out that I didn’t think it through before hand, I just did it to get it done. It was definitely a life lesson for me, especially since this is serious now, I have to make sure I do well in order to get into nursing. But, at the same time, I don’t want to stress myself out or be too hard on myself, even though that’s just a habit I’ve adopted since my early teen’s. I think a lot of my stress comes from comparing myself to others and what their progress looks like. To be honest this is probably one of the worst things to do because A) I don’t really know for sure what someone’s progress looks like, it might look like someone is a straight A student, perfect life outside of school, ect. But in reality, I really don’t know if that is the case. You see, the problem is that we spend too much time worrying about what other people are doing, and using it to evaluate where we are and how we could be more like them. It really isn’t right and so with that being said I think that we should learn how to care about what other’s are doing in the appropriate way. This sounds silly but, I do care about how my friends are and what others are doing in the world, but I simply need to just look at it and carry on with my own life. I can show my happiness for them, but I can’t use they’re happiness to measure my own. Nor can I use their lifestyle, their grades, their lifestyle, as a way to measure how I am doing. It leads to stress, and I don’t think its a healthy approach to living life what so ever.

  1. Do what makes you happy- cliche, we’ve all heard this before but it WORKS, you totally feel like you’re in charge of your own life and if you aren’t doing what makes you happy you can only blame yourself, and you can simply change whatever it is into something you love doing
  2. Set your OWN goals. Don’t aim for things that others are aiming for just because they want it. Aim for something you know you want, or even need to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Prioritize based on things that are 1. urgent. 2 important 3. not urgent 4. not important. By doing this you’ll eliminate your chances of piling things up, leading to stress, if you just do things you KNOW have to be done by a certain time, do it asap. Then, do things that are important but not urgent. If your friend is calling you while your trying to do something like homework, or even simply just having some time to yourself, wait until you are done the urgent task and then get back to them. It saves you the stress of putting something urgent aside, and good friend’s will understand that you have your priorities in line!
  4. Get some rest, honestly, I am exhausted writing this right now but I am going home momentarlly to get some sleep. Catching up on sleep is so important, and although naps are great sometimes, we really should be giving ourselves enough time to re-energize and feel good to go throughout the next day at school/work. Weekends are a different story 😉
  5. Take breaks. Don’t focus on something for too long, your brain, and your butt will start to hurt and you should be getting some fresh air, or some water. Go for a little walk around the block, dance, do a workout, do some jumping jacks!!! Do whatever it is that involves less thinking, or more self-meditating.

That is ALL I have to say for tonight but I hope this helped with anyone whose been feeling stressed, or might be feeling it anytime soon with midterms just around the corner.

Until next time,


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