How organization has helped me make my life less complicated:

As a kid, I would always be reminded about ow organization is key, and about how it is important for our success, how it contributes to getting most out of our day, saving time, saving money, act. I always thought that being orgiazaed meant being a “neat freak” or having too much time on my hands, but if anything, it has given me back the lost time I was setting myself up with.


How it helps: A day planner will be your best friend if you use it regularly. Seriously. we can’t expect ourselves to remember all of our work schedules hours, plus plans with friends plus appointments, plus events we committed to, plus rests and assignments due dates, act. We just see an actual picture of what our days look like without planning it writing with dates and times.

This will also help you determine how busy you are, if you too to fit in time for yourself to read, run, write, bath, and get a massage, watch some Netflix.

I find that having a day planner makes me feel excited about what head. I love looking forward to things, just as much as living in the moment. Day panning helps you schedule daily activity as well such as daily workout routines, eating schedules, time spent at work, take the kids to soccer practice, attending music lesson in the evening act.

Find a planner that works for you.

For me, I use a bigger planner because I want a larger space to write and review my plans, I want space to highlight a sticker days, I also chose a planner that expresses me, lots of colour, a helpful/motivating quote, someone would pick up and know who to return it too.

Where to keep your day planner:

In elementary school I remember keeping an agenda with us was very important because the teachers would check to see if we did our homework if war lost our planner we would get in crap for it.

Tip: leave your day planner in 1 place at all times, in a place where you take minute to sit and reflect or relax

Once I am settled down in Hamilton for my first year of college, I’m going to keep my day planner on my desk in my room at all times. Now don’t think keeping the portable schedules aren’t just as important. Setting reminders/birthday/days in your phone is very handy and something out can take with you!

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