Improving Self Esteem

Write a short description of yourself


I am kind, good spirited, have a good sense of humour, I have dreams/goals

Write what you struggle with


I have trouble with body image issues, I want control over things, I try to be anyone but myself, I tend to want what others have, I can be selfish, I can be hard on myself

Low self esteem stems from negative beliefs about yourself. If you can shift your way of thinking into a postive way, you’ll find yourself treating yourself and others better which will improve your life as a whole. Think about it for a second, we see people who are genuially nice, willing to help others, and not so self absorbed with such great quality of life. We want to be like these people. Meanwhile, we are too caught up in putting ourselves down, which ends up being rude to others, or jelousy over others aswell.

Think about how having a low self steem as effected your life so that you can try to fix it, or become motivated to change.

Example: I won;t work as hard as I can at school or work. I don’t dress as nicely as I could. I won’t go to social events often as before.

A good self esteem will encourage you to do things you should be doing for yourself. Let’s all try to make this year a year focused on better self-esteem!

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