Top Songs

Hey guys!

So this weekend I felt this really strong love and passion for music, I’ve always loved music and singing since I was just a baby. Singing makes me happy, it’s peaceful, and no matter how tone deaf I might be, the voice I project makes me feel like I’m a little rockstar in the making!

Some songs trigger some true emotions I’ve felt over my life, I cry sometimes when I hear a song that I can feel touching my heart, and I wanted to share some of the tops songs that really hit me with you guys and maybe you have songs that you’d like to share that affect you in some way!:)

The Wilkonsons- 26 cents

Brad Paisley- Remind Me

Jessica Andrews- Who I am

Luke Bryan- Too Damn Young

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not- Thompson Square

Just so you know- Jesse Mccartney

Cheap Seats/Lifted/Somebody Somewhere/Jumped Right in/Nothin but summer- Dallas Smith

Hunter Hayes- Wanted

God Bless the Broken Road- Rascall Flatts

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